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STR medium wt. in Thistle Originally uploaded by Knitgirlll06

This is what I’m working on for my SWAP Partner on Ravelry and I must say it’s always so hard for me to pick a project for other people who are knowledgeable about the craft so I hope she’ll like these socks.   Now I do have to say that this has been a bit of an issue because I couldn’t remember how to cast on 2 socks on ML and so I decided to go ahead and start the 2nd sock and then add it onto the ML needles.

Here’s a few things I got from Eat.Sleep.Knit I love getting things from her shop and as I always say the service is exceptional.  I have Crystal Palace lace circ. in size 0 and DPN’s in size 7, a skein of Claudia Hand Painted Yarns Silk lace in Poppy, and I made it to the 5M mark and got a bag of goodies.

Now moving on the newest hobby I’ve come to embrace scrapbooking and here’s just a peek into the incredibly fast growing stash or do you just say supplies.  Well anyway,  I shared the insipiration a few posts back…the Cricut Expression and now here’s the rest.

For those of you out there that are experienced Scrappers I’m looking for some help in making good layouts and I also want to make cards for different occasions.  Still looking around the www. for inspiration.  Well gotta run for now and hope you’re having a creative day.


I signed up for two SWAP’s so far this year and it’s one of the things I do becuase I like to meet new people that I may not actually good at picking projects to make for someone else always but for me it’s the challenge of stepping out of my comfort zone.  So although I have been a crafter and blogging for a number of years last year was the first time I actually even considered getting involved in SWAPs.

Why am I talking about this you may ask?  Well there were 2 SWAPs that caught my attention on Ravelry the first is Sock It To Me 3  where you send a package to your partner for three months; with your packages being sock related and by the last package you’re required to make at least one pair of socks for your partner.  I really love this idea as I like sock knitting but for some reason am having a hard time finding the right pattern for my sock yarn I chose.  Here’s what I got in the first installment of the SWAP Annie feed my yarn lust and my desire for a new technique I love it.   The Harmony Guide to Lace and Eyelet knitting just what I had on my Amazon wishlist and from KnitPicks a skein of Essential  Wine kettle dyed yarn and 2 skeins of Andean Silk in Cinnamon.   Thanks so much Annie I love my package.

I also participated in the Celebration of Life SWAP on Ravelry and this is where you have to make items to donate to a Women’s or Single Mother shelter that services babies and children.  My partner was Nikki and she was wonderful.

To move onto the thoughtfulness here’s the package I got from Nikki

My package included a deck of Utah playing cards, a washcloth in earthtones, Cashews, Cheez-Its, a bookmark, sticky pads, colored pens, Herbal Tea variety box and mini pattern book and 2 skeins of Caron Simply Soft Eco in TWIG 0005.  We participated in the Celebration of Life SWAP on Ravlery.

Now onto the planning I’m still working on finding just the right project to make my first lace project.  I’m thinking of a lace scarf to wet the whistle  and then maybe onto the shawl I dream of presenting to my Mother for christmas this year.  More on that in the up coming months.

This is a sweater I’m making for one of the Doctors that I work for who just gave birth on Christmas to a little girl.  This is yarn I’ve had in my stash for about 2 years now.  It’s SWTC Twize in Twink which I’ve discovered on Ravelry is no longer available.   I waited because we didn’t know what she was having.   So for those of you wondering what are those things hanging off the sides of the sweater they are Knit Klips to make semming/finishing projects easier.  They come as a set of 5 at around $7 a pack.  They are very handy and do offer a weight if you are trying to see how a fabric once knitting/crocheted will drape.

This is the booties that will go with the sweater and I have the hat on the needles so we’ll see what’s next.

On Ravelry I’ve joined 2 SWAPS for 2009.  The first is my deep secret love of knitted socks and I found Sock It To Me 3 a 3 month SWAP that you must commit to making at least 1 pair of socks for your partner and send 3 packages.  The next group I joined is one that is really giving to others while getting something in return.  It’s Celebration of Life that ask for you to create a knitted item for expectant mothers and babies at a local shelter or organization in your area and also SWAP a package with your partner.  Both of these are open info SWAPs and that’s so much fun as you get to know them during the time.  I look  forward to getting to know my partners and can’t wait to share my goodies with all of you.

I also signed up for Eat.Sleep.Knit 2009 Yarnathon.  This is a competition with prizes, goals, new friends and most of all excellent customer service.  My goal this year is to make it to the finish line first but this year I want to have the projects completed with the yarn I’ve purchased.

Stay tuned for my Podcast Review on Wednesday and the return to FO Friday will be back with a vengence.

Here’s what’s been going on in my creative world in the last week  I have 3 UFO’s

Ribbed Scarf for part of a Christmas Present for my Mother

Ribbed scarf

Here’s my Green Gable 3 that’s been on the needles for 6 months now and I finally have the waist increase correct so further progress can be made.

Green Gable 3

 My oldest DD’s Basick Toe-Up Socks using Cascade Cloud 9 yarn in Pink on the Magic Loop I cast these on about 10 days ago but I’m finding that not as much knitting is getting done as I would like.  But progress is being made

Socks on ML

My newest venture has been getting my plans together for a wardrobe for myself and in looking around the blogging world and I found Erica B.,  Cidell, Toya, Carolyn, Adrienne, Lovely, Mimi, and the Sewing Divas who are putting the word out about sewing, swayback and full bust adjustments and made me want get it together and make a wardrobe that enhances me and my style which I’m still coming into.  With all this said,  I finally broke down and ordered the BWOF Plus magazine.  I went to my local art store and purchased the tracing paper of 20 yds. x 24″ for $9.70.   I look forward to having a wonderful experience sewing for myself.  I do have one thing to say about the BWOF patterns I’ve been reading the instructions to figure out the correct means to go about tracing out the right size.  At first glance, it just looks like a jumbled mess but upon 2 days of gazing I’m starting to get the layout.  Wish me luck.

This pic isn’t loading so please go to my Flickr sidebar.

My best photo has to be the package that came in the mail today from my Secret Swap Partner  Saffista from the Ravelry Group EbonyElite Sista Friend my scarf is made using JJ’s Specialty Yarns from the Montage collection the colorway is PassionFruit which is so what a girl can use in the frigid cold of Ohio with a matching Calorimetry very delectable handmade Truffles, and sweater key ring to commerate the SWAP and the most special thing was her handwritten note.  This was a very wonderful experience and I look forward to participating in more SWAPs this year. 

SWAP package

That should be enough to hold everyone until at least next Tuesday when I plan to have another FO I just don’t know which one it will be.  Until my next post take time out to live, laugh and love this is a great mantra. 

 ~~Happy Crafting & Be Creative~~

I’m currently working on my skirt Simplicity Pattern 4881 View F. I took my measurements and then looked at the measurements on the back of the envelope and knew that I had to call in reinforcements. I’m new at this and I didn’t want to waste my fabric on costly mistakes. So my Mother came to my rescue and helped me make the adjustments and properly layout and prepare my fabric.

Me and Momma

After we made the measurements and traced them onto the pattern paper we measured again and then added to the pattern paper to make a permanent pattern for future use.

I remembered a recent show of Sewing with Nancy where she talked about labeling your pattern pieces so that you will not have any problems when it’s time to piece them together so I did that too.

labeled skirt

This is the drape of the fabric that I think looks really good and makes me glad that this fabric was chosen, which is lightweight wool blend in grey. I will be adding black piping I think it’s what I see in my head and hope it comes out nicely.

drape of fabric

So far after getting that all done, my outlook on sewing is that a good job isn’t a rush job. It pays to take your time and get the correct measurements and make sure you give yourself room for adjustments. If you cut you pattern without ease you set yourself up for potetial problems later. At least for a beginner like myself that was the case. Again I’d like to thank my Mother for coming to my rescue and I can’t wait to model my new skirt.

In 2007 I joined 2 sock clubs; Sundara’s Petal Collection and Blue Moon Fiber Arts STR  Club ’07 I only made 3 pairs of socks but I did gain knowledge in toe-up construction and I learned the ML (magic loop) method.  

I discovered new Podcast for sewing that introduced me to Cidell, Trini, Carolyn, Adrienne and a few other sewing divas.  This discovery has prompted me to get serious about creating a wardrobe for myself and really increase my sewing skills. 

I have become dedicated to time management to include my personal interest in my crafts and to hopefully gain some clientele.  I also want to promote my youngest DD’s talent for design by learning how to put pattern’s to her designs. 

I look forward to having more FO’s in my knitting, quilting and sewing in the new year.  Doing more projects promotes learning, increases self satisfaction, and adds to my wardrobe all the while letting others view your talents. 

There’s still so much I have to learn but I just want to thank all of the expert knitters, sewist, and quilters for sharing your experiences with a advanced beginner like myself.  I hope to reach a higher level in 2008 and reclassify myself as an intermediate crafter at the end of this year. 

Stay tuned, drop me a line, give me your honest opinion, and see how I grow.  May you have a wonderful, blessed and prosperous year. 



Here’s my latest post on my SWAP~Sewing With a Purpose post on my fabric exclusive blog. I’m working on creating a wardrobe for myself to save money and to hon my sewing skills. Please click the link and take a look. I’ve added some more fabric to my stash and I’ve finally found my brown and pink fabric to match these shoes and this fabric

This is how good they look when put together and I’m thinking this should be a dress.

I can’t wait to put my outfit together. You know 2 years of waiting makes for an exciting thrill. I just hope that I can put it together in a flattering way. The whole thing of designing a wardrobe is new for me.

I’m forging ahead to get my goal of creating my own wardrobe.  I’ve been doing a lot of reading to gain a better understanding of pattern adjustments.  This has always been my problem and why clothing for me hasn’t turned out to good.  I took the time to do a very thorough measurement of myself and I think that I’m ready to start working with my newly purchased patterns.  I went to WalMart to get my oil changed yesturday and while waiting I went over to the fabric department to look at the pattern books at the Khaliah Ali Collection from Simplicity to see what Plus size Petite patterns I could find.  Not only did I find 2 patterns I like I also found this Simplicity Guide book. 



This skirt pattern is nice for it’s many variations of designs.  I can see making several of the views to enhance my wardrobe. This is Simplicity Pattern 4706  for Petites.  I’m hoping not many adjustments will have to be made with this pattern.


I love this jacket pattern because it’s good for women with a smaller torso and larger bottom at least I love the way several of the jackets I have drape on my frame.  I look forward to having many options for design/embellishing with this pattern.

I want to say “Thank YOU” to Erica, for showing that a casual can be chic Carolyn @ for being so candid regarding pattern adjustments for the fuller figure and staying Divalicious in the process, Toya,for sharing your infectious laughter and grace in shedding light on specs in the crafting world; Cidell, I look to you for trendy, fun and exciting garments and fabric choices and Adrienne for adding fuel to the fire of my desire to create garments for myself.  I worked in a factory for 8 years and totally got away from dressing up except for church and didn’t have an everyday ladylike wardrobe anymore so CHEERS to the Divas of Fashion Sewing.   I hope that in the coming weeks I will be able to evolve my wardrobe into something I can be proud of. 


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