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Well, here we are at the end of another year and I’ve been thinking of all I’ve done this year.  It has, by far, been the most productive year since I’ve started any of my crafts.  I would like to show off my accomplishments by the categories I create in.

First we have sewing and the big thing that happened to me this year was the discovery of sewing blogs and happened upon Carolyn .  She was the one that set in me the drive to step out of my fear of sewing for the new sized me.  I was sewing for my daughters and that was going well but I wouldn’t dare make a garment for myself.  Not only was this the year to sew for myself it was also the year to learn to read patterns.  What I learned this year was to have a good garment you have to plan and take your time to properly execute a fit that in the end is flattering for you.   So here’s my sewing garments ’08 projects

Now on to my crochet projects.  This was the year I found Afya Ibomu of Get Your Crochet On.  This was actually the only thing I could figure out on my own as a child but didn’t know how to put it all together so now you can link to my crochet hats from Ms. Ibomu.  Crochet projects ’08 I look forward to adding some crocheted garments to my wardrobe in ’09.

I don’t talk about this craft often but it’s the one that catapolted me into the world of blogging and opened the way to sewing and knitting.  So without further ado here’s my Quilting ’08 project I actually added every quilt I’ve done since starting this craft.

How could I list my projects without including my knitting.  Here are my knitting projects for ’08 there are more projects somewhere around my Flickr so take a cruise.

Now on to 2009

I’m looking forward to managing my time so that all my crafts get some attention and my completed project list is longer than in ’08.  In my knitting I would like to try lace knitting and actually have a few sweaters for myself when it’s all said and done.  I would also like to work on having a better fit as the fit of my first sweater my Green Gable is not exactly what it should be.

In sewing I want to learn how to fit my shape better and improve my lining skills as it is my goal to make an outer garment.   Sewing should bring about more confidence in projects I tackle  and a fabulously flattering wardrobe.

In crochet I hope to create some garments.  Honestly,  my biggest desire is to write a pattern and actually have it work.  I have always created for others and in 2009 I really want to increase my wardrobe with items I created.

I will be keeping a running count of how much yarn I bust through in 2009,  I will do more to give to charity through my crafts.  I would like to give locally as I feel the need to help my community as we are facing a devastating job loss market here in my region of Ohio.

There will be a monthly review of the podcasts I listen to as they too cover every craft I do.  It will be the last Saturday of every month beginning Jan. 2009.   I will also try to feature a new pattern from the many pattern books I have not so much that they will be new to you but we can take a look at how it comes together.   I would also love to review different products and books that I have as a way of pushing myself to keep busy and productive.

Here’s hoping that you’ve had a wonderful year of creating and learning and growing as an artist and in 2009 I look forward to what the year will bring to all of us in our nature to share the warmth of creating something from a beautiful yarn, fabric, beads, embroidery as only you can.


Just stopping to say I’m still here but feeling under the weather right now.  I didn’t realize that in my new vocation you go through an incubation period where whatever viruses that come into the practice you are susceptible to them also.  So I’ve been coughing, runny nose, sore throat with laryngitis and body aches.

There’s still some creating going on here but it’s just really slow.   I’m still searching for the right pattern for the tops to make out of the material I showed in my last post.  I want something with a scoop neckline and  maybe a side tied waistband.  It has to be something with an element of interest as the skirts will be plain at least, that’s where I am with the idea right now.

My medicine is starting to kick in so I’m getting back in the bed.

Progress is making it’s way into my life.  I sat in my last final yesturday and it felt wonderful!!!!!  It was a challenge to return to school and start a new career after 40 and I’m in a happy place right now.  Don’t get me wrong, as you all that are/have done this it’s a big deal but the end result is well worth it.  If you read my blog regularly you’ve read how I came to have my job and it was all a blessing.

I’ve been thinking of what I can accomplish now that school is over and the first thing I want to complete is the rest of my Christmas knitting and sewing which I will share in the coming weeks.  The next thing I’ve been planning is some sewing and my plan is for a few dress casual looks.  All of my fabric was purchased at JoAnn Fabrics about a month ago.  I was drawn to the silky charmuse fabrics that I purchased and then found the suiting fabrics to match for the skirts.  You can see I found the lining and the lace trim.

I also wanted to discuss and new podcast that I found and love.  It’s Craft Mentality with Amber and Tasha from Baltimore.  These two ladies are very entertaining and I love how they really cover a variety of crafts.  They cover knitting, crochet, quilting, and sewing and to top it off they do a weekly review of one of my favorite shows Project Runway.    Hope you’ll take time to give a listen and enjoy.  This is all I have for now but be on the lookout I plan to get my mojo running.

This is my latest dress NewLook 6515 using a shirt pattern and making it into a dress.  Yes, this is my second one.  I used a brown crepe-like material to make this dress.  The first picture shows my dress in it’s parts with me adding a sashing to add length and a better drape.  This stayed on the form for a month.

Well, now there are sleeves added on and after three attempts I finally have the sashing in place and love the end result.

Okay do you see what I see. the side seam is showing I will be taking care of this tonight.  Overall as I have stated before this is one of my favorite patterns and I like the way I look in this style.  The next photo shows my dress after it was completed.  Love it… it… it.    I had considered beading the sashing to add interest but realized that if I do that then my accent choices would become very limited.

I did go to JoAnn’s this afternoon as they were having a big sale and I got to use my 40% off coupon and then the 10% off your entire purchase including sales items.  Needless to say I did really good.  Some advise if you shop at JoAnn’s frequently make sure to pick up the Fall JoAnn’s magazine and take advantage of the coupons on the back cover.

I had mentioned that I was reading the Knitting Circle by Ann Hood and it was slow going at first as I was just so busy with all the things of the last month with school, externing, my girls, and looking for a job that reading for pleasure wasn’t on the agenda.  Well, this weekend I decided to complete this book and it was really good.  I laughed, cried, and laughed some more.  I really enjoyed the characters but the sadness that is real life was a bit overwhelming.  It did one important thing for me and that was to show how you can come together through knitting.

On the creative front I’m still working on getting my hats done for Obama’s Homeless Veterans charity.  I will be sharing my latest sewing projects, something new that I really want to cultivate and share with all of you by next year.  Take care and thanks for stopping by.

This post is just to share what I’ve been up to this weekend. I’ve cooked, baked, crochet, got a long awaited package and sewed for a little girl. Today is my sister’s Birthday and per her request she got these. A peach cheese cake and a pan of Sweet Corn Cornbread. Just when I thought my Ravelry College SWAP partner had forgotten all about me I get this package in the mail Friday and she really did a great job on the colors of my gifts. I received Tudora from Winter 2007 in Knitpicks Merino Style in Hollyberry, a skein of Brooklyn Handspun in Rousing Rose, 3 notebooks for term papers HiyaHiya US 2 circs 9″ long and 2 packs of stickers. Thanks so much!!. It was worth the wait.

Here’s the sewing that I mentioned. I’m trying to make all 5 of my nieces some outfits and this is a start on on the for the soon to be 2 year old. I’ll post the specifics later.

Lastly, I want to share what I’m reading with you.   The Knitting Circle by Ann Hood

I forgot I wanted to mention my first Charity knitting/crochet mission.  I found this on Ravelry and wanted to get involved with the Ravelympics it begins Aug. 8th and ends Aug. 24th.  We have established teams and events.  My team is Team Obama and my event is the Hat Dash.  I have to make as many hats as I can during this time frame and my team will be sending our projects to help homeless Veterans.  If you are on Ravelry you please join us.

Hello All,

Here’s my day late FOF installment.  I have finally finished the diagonal scarf and headband knitted up from Scheafer’s Yarn this pattern comes from Scarves a Knitter’s Dozen.  Since this is my first time using hand-dyed yarn of this quality I wasn’t prepared for changing my needles and having orange hands during my knitting process.  After washing and blocking these I do really like these and the color variation.

Here’s my Apron made for a friend.  I used novelty fabric that I found at JoAnn’s and added red pipping and bias binding as accents.  I didn’t use a pattern I drafted this as I went along.  I included three pockets and made it double sided.

I also made this dress using Simplicity 4877 and using my Knit Jersey fabric from Gorgeous Things and added black piping on the neckline for a more polished look and I was making this dress in a day to wear to a funeral so time was of the essence.  This is the same pattern I used for my brown and pink dress I made a month ago.  I really like this particular style on me so you may be seeing this over and over with different little changes along the way.

So here I am with another FOF.  This time it’s nothing special but I’m so proud of my newest accomplishment.  Pockets, yes, I did include them in this pattern.  So without much ado here’s my newest addition to my working wardrobe.  Kwik Sew 3201 using view A pants and view B scrub top.  I had cotton in purple solid and print fabrics.  I love that this only cost me  $12.00 to make instead of what I have been paying.  I feel like I have such a wickedly great secret.

Now this won’t be long I didn’t put pockets in my first set of scrubs and felt that I needed to take the leap and go ahead and master this technique.  So here’s my pocket insertion for my pants let me know what you think

Needless to say, I did notice or as some of us would say I had an ah moment while putting the pants together.  I will be taking this knowledge and making me some shorts and capris.  This will be a quick and easy way to increase the summer wardrobe.

Well, I have to get back to my homework as I have finals next week and need to be on top of my game.  I have some other things to share with so I hope to get back here over the weekend.  Thanks so much to all of you who have come to include me as a regular read and those that are still trying to see where I’m going.  See ya soon.

Here’s some photos to show what I’ve been up to. After these pics I’ll tell you about my frustrations. First up is my youngest girl Ms. Camille in her tropical dress. I did this quickly with the material already cinched at the top and then I added a ruffled edge and straps for modesty sake.

Next we have my first attempt at scrubs for school and Externship made from Kwik Sew Pattern 3201 I have had the top material for at least 4 years or more and then a quick trip to JoAnn’s up the street to match the pants and this is what I came up with.

I did experience some rough spots in the process of making the top.  It was the joining together of the front neckband to the V of the top.  After a few tries of positioning and then repositioning I got it.   Overall, I’m very pleased and already have the second set of scrubs cut out waiting to be pieced together.

I showed you a bolt of fabric that I had been trying to figure out a dress pattern to use to match with a pair of shoes I purchased a few years ago and never could find the right outfit.  I ended up using Simplicity 4877 view C for this dress.

This dress did cause me some pain.  First in the fact that I had to shorten the waist and then still had to add darts to rid the back of the puckering I get in RTW clothing do to my short but full stature.  I meant to have my picture taken wearing this at the wedding I attended but to no avail.  I will take one with me in it.    BTW, my dress is being modeled by my new dressform Betty B.  and I absolutely love her.  It made the process so much nicer and now I can really figure my form out and make good use of my planning time before I sit down to sew.

Now on to frustrations……my only one is after sharing all of this I don’t have the time to devote to all the UFO’s that I have.  There’s an art to staying on task but this quarter I just can’t seem to find the time.  I have four classes and the work load is so overwhelming.  We’re in the last 2 weeks of the quarter and I feel as though the floor is giving way and I’m falling through.   Don’t get me wrong, there’s really a true level of excitement going on for me right now as this is my last quarter before going on my Extern-ship in July.

I don’t know how soon I’ll be back with you to share what I’ve been up to so here’s just a brief peak into what I have planned NewLook 6700 and 6674 both are summer dresses.  Well, until next time happy crafting.

Well I’ve been salivating over the wonderful colorways and projects I’ve seen from Malabrigo yarns and decided I couldn’t wait any longer so without further ado I present my newest Stash Enhancements This is Malabrigo Silky Merino in Amoroso 157. Next we have Malabrigo Silky Merino in Nocturnal 472

I also have Kettle Dyed Worsted wgt. Merino in Tiger Lily 152

I also got Artyarns Super Merino the colorway is really nice and I’m thinking some socks with this would be really nice. This was my first order from Eatsleepknit it was a very good experience with them and I love the little goodies they sent with my order. I won $5.00 off my next order and they sent a little card you carry in your wallet with the sizes of needles you already own and a little purple ruler for doing gauge swatches. Check them out as the pricing and quick service are worth the trip over to their site.

I was reading a post Cidell posted a while back discussing the importance of good notions and explaining what they’re benefits are and that prompted me to get these items

On the left is a Tailors ham and on the right is a Seam Roll. Both are used to aid in setting seams, press curves and open seams properly without compromising the integrity of the garment.

As I was typing this post there was a knock at the door and there standing before me was a man clad in Brown from head-to-toe holding a package just for me. This was my first order from Gorgeous Things and I ordered light wgt. knits one in pale yellow. Thinking of a cute little dress and the same for this printed knit in black and white

I am loving these fabrics and the drape just seems like it will hang so nicely. Now let me say this I WILL NOT be doing anything with these until my dressform arrives.

Now onto a project that has been a year in the making yes a whole year. I blogged about this project last month I think and it has been through many changes but I finally put the binding on my Girlfriends quilt that I have decided to name the Heart of the Matter. I chose this name because she’s a Delta, I quilted hearts and even found a tshirt I had that talked about friends and was in the shape of a heart so I thought that name really fit the quilt. I hope she likes the outcome. Here’s just a few finally snippets of the project.

This is all I have for this week and I think you’ll agree I’ve covered all of my hobbies except crocheting and I’ll touch on that next week.

So here we are? It’s another Friday and I want to share a bit of what’s been going on in my world. First I would like to say that I made this little dress for my niece that turned 5 on April 9th.

I used cotton print fabric with pink lace trim on the top bodice and on the hem of the dress. She absolutely loved it. My next FO is my first pair of Fetchings made using KnitPicks Merino Style yarn in Dusk. They will be shipped out on Tuesday to my SWAP partner on Ravelry group College Knitters.

I’m currently working on 5 projects. My knitting projects include socks for my oldest DD, my Ruffled Shrug from Knitsimple Magazine Holiday 2007 issue.

In the magazine they used Verikeri by Muench Yarns I love the colorway. My other project is my Green Gable Sweater that has been on the needles for close to a year. I plan to finish it by the summer. I have come to understand the love of starting and finishing projects in a more timely fashion.

Just want to take some time and discuss my feelings for what Ravelry has done for my crafting life. Not sure about you, but I look forward to my Ravelry time everyday. It has been the catalyst for me becoming more accountable to completing projects and stepping out the box and participating in SWAP’s and KAL’s. When you’re a self-taught crafter there is always a sense of inadequacy when reviewing your work. Although I have been knitting, crocheting, quilting and sewing for some time now, you’re always leary of your work as it is very personal and a true extension of yourself. Since being on Ravelry I’ve done several things that have changed me. One, joined over 70 groups and actively try to maintain activity in all of them and that includes staying in contact with all of the people listed on my friends list. How can you call them friends if you never take the time out to say hi? Two, I participated in 2 SWAP’s so far in the past 6 years. Three, I became accountable for my crafts and my crafting area(s) by joining several groups on Ravelry that address these issues. So far the one that has been most craft changing for me has been the Year Long Gift A-Long. I want to thank BrownBerry for starting the Year Long Gift A-Long group on Ravelry.

I hope that you will take the time not only to get the most out of Ravelry but give back to those who so freely give and participate, donate and share your knowledge with someone not at your creative level. The best gifts are those that are a true extension of yourself.

Until next Friday…..Be blessed, be positive, be truthful, be at peace and be CREATIVE.

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