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Here’s to productivity and a bit of planning finally.  What am I referring to?  That would be an idea that come from one of the Ravelry group I’m in.  Year Long Gift-a-Long in which you spend the whole year making gifts for those on you long list so you don’t spend the last minute rushing to complete those gifts.  So here’s my list for the remainder of the year as posted on Ravelry:

May~ Birthday Cowl, Lacie Lady Socks, at least 4 washclothes

June~ Lace Wrap for my Mother this will be my first serious lace project so it will have my undivided attention.

July~ Tudora hoping to make several of these in varying colors so hopefully I’ll get at least 3 made

August~ Wristers for my oldest DD and maybe Fetching for her also

September/October ~ Would like to make several Shrugs for my daughters to prepare for the cold weather which will be here by then.

November/December ~ more washclothes, scarves, hats to give to charities and my family

Now that I’ve put my list up for all of you to read along with my fellow Ravelry gift givers I have an obligation to get this done.

I had talked about my SWAP partners socks for the Sock It To Me 3 SWAP and I heard from her that they were the best socks that have been made for her.  That really makes me feel so good knowing that I had such anxiety about getting them right.  That also confirms the mentality of a crafter that every stitch, chain, thread and all have to be perfect.   So I know for sure from a fellow crafter that I managed to create a well made pair of socks.  Thanks Cary for the kind words and appreciation of those socks.


Here’s the skinny on what’s been going on in my life over the past few weeks. First, I discovered and have become consumed with Scrapbooking and cardmaking.  So I got a Cricut Expression….Love It and a lot of scrapping materials.

Secondly, I’ve been sick with  gastroenteritis and I do have to say, this thing has knocked me for a loop.   Who knew working in a Pediatricians office would end up making me so sick.  What I didn’t realize when all this hit me, was I thought it had passed me over.  But around 8pm on Saturday night the flood gates opened and it brought me to my knees.  On Sunday morning I knew if I didn’t call the Dr.  my girls would have to call the ambulance to come and get me.  We made it to the ER and they took me right back and hooked me up to an IV and started introducing meds.   I’ve had two major illnesses since I started there back in August.   I’m hoping this is it.  I don’t think I could go through this again.

Thirdly, there’s been the socks I’m making for my Sock It to Me 3 SWAP partner and due to the late hours and illness they haven’t made much progress.  I did however make it to the heels on both today finally.  I also found another pattern that I think I can complete by April 5th hopefully.   Here’s a little pic to show the progress.

I love this short-row heel the best so far in my quest to make the perfect heels.

Still waiting to hear from my Podcast Review Interviewer.  Stay tuned.

STR medium wt. in Thistle Originally uploaded by Knitgirlll06

This is what I’m working on for my SWAP Partner on Ravelry and I must say it’s always so hard for me to pick a project for other people who are knowledgeable about the craft so I hope she’ll like these socks.   Now I do have to say that this has been a bit of an issue because I couldn’t remember how to cast on 2 socks on ML and so I decided to go ahead and start the 2nd sock and then add it onto the ML needles.

Here’s a few things I got from Eat.Sleep.Knit I love getting things from her shop and as I always say the service is exceptional.  I have Crystal Palace lace circ. in size 0 and DPN’s in size 7, a skein of Claudia Hand Painted Yarns Silk lace in Poppy, and I made it to the 5M mark and got a bag of goodies.

Now moving on the newest hobby I’ve come to embrace scrapbooking and here’s just a peek into the incredibly fast growing stash or do you just say supplies.  Well anyway,  I shared the insipiration a few posts back…the Cricut Expression and now here’s the rest.

For those of you out there that are experienced Scrappers I’m looking for some help in making good layouts and I also want to make cards for different occasions.  Still looking around the www. for inspiration.  Well gotta run for now and hope you’re having a creative day.

I signed up for two SWAP’s so far this year and it’s one of the things I do becuase I like to meet new people that I may not actually good at picking projects to make for someone else always but for me it’s the challenge of stepping out of my comfort zone.  So although I have been a crafter and blogging for a number of years last year was the first time I actually even considered getting involved in SWAPs.

Why am I talking about this you may ask?  Well there were 2 SWAPs that caught my attention on Ravelry the first is Sock It To Me 3  where you send a package to your partner for three months; with your packages being sock related and by the last package you’re required to make at least one pair of socks for your partner.  I really love this idea as I like sock knitting but for some reason am having a hard time finding the right pattern for my sock yarn I chose.  Here’s what I got in the first installment of the SWAP Annie feed my yarn lust and my desire for a new technique I love it.   The Harmony Guide to Lace and Eyelet knitting just what I had on my Amazon wishlist and from KnitPicks a skein of Essential  Wine kettle dyed yarn and 2 skeins of Andean Silk in Cinnamon.   Thanks so much Annie I love my package.

I also participated in the Celebration of Life SWAP on Ravelry and this is where you have to make items to donate to a Women’s or Single Mother shelter that services babies and children.  My partner was Nikki and she was wonderful.

To move onto the thoughtfulness here’s the package I got from Nikki

My package included a deck of Utah playing cards, a washcloth in earthtones, Cashews, Cheez-Its, a bookmark, sticky pads, colored pens, Herbal Tea variety box and mini pattern book and 2 skeins of Caron Simply Soft Eco in TWIG 0005.  We participated in the Celebration of Life SWAP on Ravlery.

Now onto the planning I’m still working on finding just the right project to make my first lace project.  I’m thinking of a lace scarf to wet the whistle  and then maybe onto the shawl I dream of presenting to my Mother for christmas this year.  More on that in the up coming months.

This will be a picture laden post as there is so much I have to share with all of you.  First on Jan. 16th I recieved my AAS degree and it was big accomplishment for me.  There will also be WIP Wednesday pics and discussions of future project plans.  But first, I would like to share with you the wonderful weather I witness when I looked out my patio window this morning.

This started late Monday night with snow then yesterday there was more snow by the evening commute there was sleet and freezing rain and now more snow on top of all of that.  Hurray for me the Dr. couldn’t get out her driveway so we get a day off.

Doesn’t my car look sad?

Now on to my graduation and yes, I’m so very proud of my journey.  The only thing I really missed was my parents not being with me as they went to Missouri to help my brother and his family with their transition into their new jobs.  So here’s some photos.

Here’s the whole class and me smiling away as a classmate makes jokes.

here’s the well deserved degree

That same morning my youngest gir was inspired to create a cap to match her sweater so here’s her effort

This is the start and here’s the finished object

I just wrote out a ribbed pattern and she came back and asked questions and completed this.  She knows the concept of knitting but this is her first completed and wearable project.  I was very proud.   Aren’t my babies cute?

Now onto my WIP pics and future project plans.  I discovered cowls on Ravelry about a month ago and really like to concept and versitility they offer.  So I made the Birthday Cowl in Malabrigo.  I loved it so much that I began knitting up this one also in Malabrigo in Stone Chat purchased from Eat.Sleep.Knit ran by Raveler Knittermonkey otherwise known as Erin the Great!!!!

I will be adding more of these throughout the year for gift giving.   I also was asked to add a trim to a RTW doggie sweater to make it longer for the dog and here’s a pic of that.  I will knit for another quarter inch and bind off.  Being the fearless knitter that I am I thought I could take the ribbed edging off the bottom of this sweater and it turned out pretty good for the first time I’ve ever done this.   I have gained enough confidence with this project to actually want to attempt steeking in the future.

Update on lace knitting, I had spoke about my desire to try lace knitting this year and found a book on Amazon to get me started.

I have been reviewing this book for several weeks trying to narrow down my first project and my interest is leaning towards the Quick Scarf to get my feet wet.

Well I don’t want to spend all day creating this post I want to take advantage of listening to my podcast and getting some knitting done so I’ll be back for FOF in just a few days.    Before I forget,  my plan is to do the Podcast review once a month as I would like to have the time to listen to at least 6 episodes from each featured podcast and if I can there will be feedback from the Show host themselves.  That’s big dreaming but we’ll see what happens.

Welcome to my first official podcast Review post.  I would like to let you know where I came up with this idea.  I discovered podcasts about 2yrs ago and fell in love.  So I listen to the main ones like Lime & Violet which I will do a tribute sometime during this year because they are the greatest but for the first six months I’m on a quest to find new podcast or not so new but they will be new to me.

This Review is for Gouido’s  It’s a Purl Man podcast which I have just recently discovered over on Raverly group  Podcast Junkies, devoted to your favorite podcasts.

Passage from The Show Notes of Episode 57

Jessica Burko (the force behind Boston Handmade) and some of the exhibitors at Boston Handmade Downtown (located here) sit down with me to talk about the holidays and fiber fun. Jen of Blue Alvarez, Lynn of Cozy Cottage Creations, and Sedruola of Sedruola’s Yarn Obsession all have some interesting insight on making stuff for people as gifts and getting through the holiday season.

Conclusion:  I really enjoy the flow of his podcast and will jump on over to iTunes to download all the previous podcasts.  I hope you will do the same and stay tuned for next weeks review.

This is a sweater I’m making for one of the Doctors that I work for who just gave birth on Christmas to a little girl.  This is yarn I’ve had in my stash for about 2 years now.  It’s SWTC Twize in Twink which I’ve discovered on Ravelry is no longer available.   I waited because we didn’t know what she was having.   So for those of you wondering what are those things hanging off the sides of the sweater they are Knit Klips to make semming/finishing projects easier.  They come as a set of 5 at around $7 a pack.  They are very handy and do offer a weight if you are trying to see how a fabric once knitting/crocheted will drape.

This is the booties that will go with the sweater and I have the hat on the needles so we’ll see what’s next.

On Ravelry I’ve joined 2 SWAPS for 2009.  The first is my deep secret love of knitted socks and I found Sock It To Me 3 a 3 month SWAP that you must commit to making at least 1 pair of socks for your partner and send 3 packages.  The next group I joined is one that is really giving to others while getting something in return.  It’s Celebration of Life that ask for you to create a knitted item for expectant mothers and babies at a local shelter or organization in your area and also SWAP a package with your partner.  Both of these are open info SWAPs and that’s so much fun as you get to know them during the time.  I look  forward to getting to know my partners and can’t wait to share my goodies with all of you.

I also signed up for Eat.Sleep.Knit 2009 Yarnathon.  This is a competition with prizes, goals, new friends and most of all excellent customer service.  My goal this year is to make it to the finish line first but this year I want to have the projects completed with the yarn I’ve purchased.

Stay tuned for my Podcast Review on Wednesday and the return to FO Friday will be back with a vengence.

As I am preparing for 2009 I have been thinking of what I want to accomplish in my creativity throughout the year.  They most definitely include more FO’s in all of my crafts, increase my skill level in all crafts and explore my dream of creating a pattern in knitting. This dream has been on my mind for over a year or so now and I have been getting ready for this for a while now but in the last few months I’ve invested in some material to research the process and how to set up schematics and the like.  Here’s some of the material I’ve chosen to help me.

I chose this book as it says you can design in 5 easy steps.  I took this out the other day and started reading up on getting started as my first project has to incorporate cables.   I didn’t want to do anything really simplistic I was looking for something with a bit of texture so I also purchased this book for reference on cable patterns.

So needless to say, I thought it would be good to start trying out some ideas and here’s my first.  The pattern is very simple cabling and at this point, I’m still trying to set up how to incorporate a cable pattern to fit the project you desire.  Here’s the start of my Cabled Hat created from Lions Brand Wool-Ease in MC Wheat and CC in Maroon heather(this isnt’ the colorway)

I’m almost done with this cap and will add new photos of it completed along with my thoughts on how it worked out.

One of the Dr.’s that I work for just had her 2nd child on Christmas morning and I thought I’d make something for the baby.   So I pulled out my one of my books that I declare will get more use in 2009 to find something quick to make and this is what I found  the Bamboo Sweater on Ravelry.  This has been a quick and easy little project and I will post the FO pic after I weave in the ends and add the buttons which I still have to find.

I hope as the year comes to an end you have reviewed your work, noted your growth, put your complications/failures into perspective, and more than anything else set out to plan for more productive, educational and fun projects.

I decided to reward myself with some yarn and books that I needed for projects that are queued on Ravelry.  Since I’m one of the few that had never had Malabrigo until a few months ago.  I have become a Malabrigo fanatic and just want to keep investing in this lovely fiber.  So here’s my loot or my REWARDS………..

Malabrigo Silky Merino in Lilita 423

Here’s Malabrigo Worsted in Stone Chat

ArtYarns #139  I’m loving the mix of the blue and green thinking of a lovely wrap.

ArtYarns #161 thinking that this would be a lovely shrug

Dream in Color in Classy just so drawn to magentas, purples so rich not sure what I’ll use this fiber for but happy to add it to the stash.

A new discovery for me.  Yes……just like Malabrigo I’ve heard of Lorna’s Lace but never touched any before.  Well, that will no longer be the case.  This colorway is Poppy.  All of my yarn came from Eat.Sleep.Knit.  You can check out the site by clicking the link on my sidebar.  I love her customer service.  Your order arrives quickly and there are always little trinkets included in your shipment.

Now on to my Scout Swag.  Yes, I have really treated myself for all the hard work I’ve done over the past two years and got this lovely Cali Namaste bag from Scout’s Swag.  This is in Charcoal and I think since I like the bag so much I may order the needle case in the same color.  I can’t wait to use my new bag.

I also ordered some books from Amazon that fufill the patterns in my queue.  Fitted Knits by Stephanie Japel;  Ready Set Knit Cables by Carri Hammett; Downtown DIY Crochet 14 easy Designs for City Girls with Style; Two Balls or less by Jenny Hill and Malabrigo Book One by Cornelia Tuttle Hamilton.  Now if these aren’t enough to inspire some new items I don’t know what are.   I’m still in the planning stage and don’t know how long it will take but I really want to design a pattern that I can share with all of you.   So as time goes on I will be asking for your input on some designs and I look forward to you sharing your thoughts with me.  Here’s hoping that you feel inspired to create, rethink, acquire and share what inspires you.

It’s been a long time since I’ve said anything here on my blog. First school, extern ship, a job interview, Ravelympics, planning and life have all been in the forefront of my not getting to sit down and blog.

First, I want to take some time to share something personal with you. I’ve been in school for the past two years and although I had some finances put away I haven’t really worked for more than 6 months during this time. Why am I telling you this? Well, God has been the ultimate supplier of everything I needed wanted and desired during this time and I just wanted to share that with you. It comes a time in our life when we have to lean and depend on our faith. I have spent the past two years doing just that and now as I look back and see all that He has done for me I want to shout from the roof top that all it takes is a little faith, keeping your focus, letting God direct your path and believe me when I say the favor of God will open many doors. My walk isn’t done but I walk in His footsteps and it makes each step more prosperous, more peaceful, more joyful and very blessed.

Now onto my projects I had signed up for the Ravelympics on Ravelry but because I’ve been so busy I didn’t get back on in time to link to my projects and teams so I’m not officially being counted but since my projects are for charity I’m still making them. I signed up with Team Obama knitting and crocheting for Homeless Veterans. My event was the Hat Dash and so far I’ve made 1 hat and cast on the second my goal for this style hat is 10 by Aug. 24th. I hope I’ll make it. It will by far by the fasted knitting I’ve ever done.

Here’s the 3 washcloths made for the same charity. I have a goal of at least 15 of these. We’ll see how it goes. I think I can make it since the Olympics don’t end until Aug. 24th.

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