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Hello Ladies and Gents, I’d like to welcome you to my 2nd official Podcast Review.  This month I had the good fortune of interviewing one of my new favorite podcasters.  You can find Brianna of The CrochetSide  here .  Not only is her podcast rockin’ but so is her blog.    You will find Tips & Tricks, free patterns, link to her hand dyed yarn and her crusade as a crafter to be truly creative.

I chose Brianna because her podcast really caught my ear and inspired me to try new things with my crochet projects.   So without further ado here’s my interview with Brianna.

1. What crafts do you create?
I design and crochet mostly hats, though I’ve been branching out into bags and wraps recently. I keep trying to push myself into different realms of crochet so that I don’t find any one thing stale. I want to learn, learn, learn, and then pull from everything to keep my designs fresh and technically correct.

2. How long have you been doing them?
I taught myself to crochet in 2003, and once I learned a couple of basic stitches, I jumped right into making hats. I learned the structure of a basic beanie after I had already freeformed several “art-pieces”. If you check my Flickr account  you’ll see what I mean when you find the “Marshmallow” and “Ribbon” hat. Those had no design process—just an idea then freeform until I felt they were done. That was the beginning of it all, really, as I felt empowered by this new skill—it felt as though I knew how to crochet all my life, and yet I was only days into this new world of creativity. I like to think that Fate exists when I think back to how fast and hard I was drawn to crochet.

3. Do you sell your crafts?
I don’t go out of my way to sell the finished product. There aren’t enough hours in a day for me to fulfill all of my other responsibilities AND crochet individual items to turn around and sell. Instead, I sell the patterns to these designs. Occasionally I’ll take a custom order, but only when I have the time and won’t neglect something else. Between my day job, returning to college, running the podcast, dyeing fiber, and designing when I can, there is very little time for much else. 

4. How did you come to start your Podcast?
It was a complete whim. I had been opened up to the world of podcasting shortly before I began my own, and first started listening to Marly, of the Yarn Thing podcast. She was so much fun, and talked about crochet and knitting. I searched hard for a crochet-specific podcast, but there were very few, and of those few all were defunct. It was the right-time, right head-space, and a bit of spontaneity, that I found myself house-sitting for my mother while she was out of town. I had a cheap microphone handy, found a free podcasting host (didn’t know if I’d stick to it), and I rambled and rambled about pretty much nothing. There’ve been a lot of stops and starts to my episodes, so it’s taken me a while to get to where I am, but I think I’ve finally hit a point where I know what I want (at least partly) from my podcast, and I know what I want to share.

What started as a crochet-only podcast, has dipped also into my fiber life (dyeing and such), as well as my home life. I’m trying to balance them all, but still focus mostly on crochet. I’ve recently introduced a vidcast supplement to the podcast episodes. There’s a new section called “In Stitches” where I verbally discuss how to create a stitch or stitch pattern. Then, for those who are like me, where audio instruction isn’t what works for us, comes the vidcast/video episodes that are my showing my listeners/viewers how to do the stitch, from beginning to end.

5. What keeps you motivated to continue your show?
Mostly it’s been my listeners/viewers, particularly in the beginning. I really enjoy interacting and hearing their feedback, getting to know them and what they like, how we’re similar or different. Recently, though, I’ve realized that I really am a teacher at heart—I like sharing information and helping others to learn something. Some of the stitches/stitch-patterns I do in the future will be ones I’m not familiar with, so it means I get the chance to learn something new too. Also, there’s that whole having one more excuse to play with yarn!

6. What knowledge regarding your craft have you gained in researching your episodes?
Oh man, okay—I’ve learned the importance of swatching, and swatching correctly; that there is never a completely right or wrong way to do something, unless you’re a purist (which I can sometimes be, then am forced to smack myself for); that there is always something new to learn; that what I think of something today may change tomorrow (I’d never thought that I’d crochet amigurumi, yet somehow people received them from me for holiday presents); and that each new thing I pick up along the way only makes me a better crocheter. Oh, and that I do not have the be-all, end-all, absolute answer for everything crochet-related, and that’s okay. I’m still learning like everyone else.

7. In the land of Podcasting shows who is your inspiration?
I listen to so many, so I’m going to have to narrow this down quite a lot. I’ll share three:

1) Dr Gemma of CogKNITive
a. She’s a crocheter and a knitter.
b. Witty and amusing
c. Provides bits of wisdom in the form of life “strategies”

2) Lime’n’Violet
a. If ever I just need a giggle, the Lime’n’Violet crew provide it to me
b. They’re constantly doing something—a project, dyeing yarn, expanding their business
c. They seem fearless in regard of moving forward and aren’t afraid to publish ‘the crazy’. 😉

3) Yarn Thing
a. Marly was my first inspiration due to her openness
b. She has a fantastic laugh, and there’s never any doubt that she’s a good-natured, completely fun woman with tons of good stuff that she’s ready to share with the world.

8. This is a really big one, have you been published, appeared on any craft shows or do or plan to do any fiber festivals in the upcoming year?

I have not been published, outside of self-publishing, though 2009 is the year where I push to get this done. I’m even taking a class on designing for publication, so cross all your fingers for me!  I don’t know of any craft shows in my area, though I’ve looked, and if I can get published in the next couple of months, I will try my hardest to attend TNNA this summer. Barring that, I will be on the lookout for additional places to attend.

If you enjoyed this interview stop by and let her know by subscribing to her blog, Flickr page, or podcast.  Trust me if you like easy listening podcasts that give you new and inventive ideas then you can’t go wrong on the CrochetSide.  Stay tuned for next months review.


Welcome to my first official podcast Review post.  I would like to let you know where I came up with this idea.  I discovered podcasts about 2yrs ago and fell in love.  So I listen to the main ones like Lime & Violet which I will do a tribute sometime during this year because they are the greatest but for the first six months I’m on a quest to find new podcast or not so new but they will be new to me.

This Review is for Gouido’s  It’s a Purl Man podcast which I have just recently discovered over on Raverly group  Podcast Junkies, devoted to your favorite podcasts.

Passage from The Show Notes of Episode 57

Jessica Burko (the force behind Boston Handmade) and some of the exhibitors at Boston Handmade Downtown (located here) sit down with me to talk about the holidays and fiber fun. Jen of Blue Alvarez, Lynn of Cozy Cottage Creations, and Sedruola of Sedruola’s Yarn Obsession all have some interesting insight on making stuff for people as gifts and getting through the holiday season.

Conclusion:  I really enjoy the flow of his podcast and will jump on over to iTunes to download all the previous podcasts.  I hope you will do the same and stay tuned for next weeks review.

Yes it did!  My Ravelry invite came Friday and unfortunately I haven’t had the time I want to get everything set up.  There are so many people I want to find like David of Sticks N Strings podcast.   Well, I’ve got to go to work in the AM so I’m signing off for now.

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