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Here’s to productivity and a bit of planning finally.  What am I referring to?  That would be an idea that come from one of the Ravelry group I’m in.  Year Long Gift-a-Long in which you spend the whole year making gifts for those on you long list so you don’t spend the last minute rushing to complete those gifts.  So here’s my list for the remainder of the year as posted on Ravelry:

May~ Birthday Cowl, Lacie Lady Socks, at least 4 washclothes

June~ Lace Wrap for my Mother this will be my first serious lace project so it will have my undivided attention.

July~ Tudora hoping to make several of these in varying colors so hopefully I’ll get at least 3 made

August~ Wristers for my oldest DD and maybe Fetching for her also

September/October ~ Would like to make several Shrugs for my daughters to prepare for the cold weather which will be here by then.

November/December ~ more washclothes, scarves, hats to give to charities and my family

Now that I’ve put my list up for all of you to read along with my fellow Ravelry gift givers I have an obligation to get this done.

I had talked about my SWAP partners socks for the Sock It To Me 3 SWAP and I heard from her that they were the best socks that have been made for her.  That really makes me feel so good knowing that I had such anxiety about getting them right.  That also confirms the mentality of a crafter that every stitch, chain, thread and all have to be perfect.   So I know for sure from a fellow crafter that I managed to create a well made pair of socks.  Thanks Cary for the kind words and appreciation of those socks.


Ok so I’m back with my 2nd  yes….2nd post of the day.  Since I decided to stay on top of the New Year New Plan you will be getting the FOF every week.  So here’s my first installment.  I did the Bamboo Baby Sweater from the One Skein Wonder book.  It was a very nice knitting project and I hope to knit more baby items during this year.  I used Twize’ from SWTC and the colorway is Twink, found the buttons at JoAnn’s in multi-pack of buttons at 50% off.   So here’s the FO for the week.

I have been working on my knitting projects and no matter how much knitting I’ve been doing I’m still looking at UFO’s.  I started out in October with a list of projects some to knit, others to sew, and others to quilt.  Needless to say, there are some threads dangling, needles hanging and pattern pieces pinned to fabric.  The end of the quarter is fastly approaching and I was behind in my Phlebotomy lab with trying to procure my venipunctures to complete the course and be prepared to take the Certification Exam in January, that my projects have been put on the back burner. 

Not to mention all the going to labs and hospitals with my daughters.  It seems that when one thing goes crazy everything else gets hectic.  I’m very happy to say that my daughter’s ultrasound came back negative with no cyst and no endometriosis so thank God for that, but my oldest daughter has JRA (juvenile rhuematoid arthritis) and now on top of that they added a diagnosis of fibromyalgia.  Now that I know more about diagnosis she’s had various symptoms for years but we never put them all together.

Enough about that, back to my projects.  I’m still working on my Mother’s Calorimetry and Scarf set.  I found the button finally and now I’m finishing the scarf which I hope to finish  this weekend.  Here’s a look at my progress so far.

Calorimetry 2 & Scarf    This is Lion Brands Wool-Ease in Hunter Grey to match a coat that she has and wanted a head wrap to match.  The scarf was added to use up the yarn.    I’ve also been working on my quilts…….yes, I have two in the works. One that’s been a bit challenging and the other just trying to get the blocks to add up right.  I ended up having to cut the blocks down so now I have to rethink my design of the layout. The other quilt has been pieced, ripped apart, pieced again and ripped apart and pieced again.  I’m hand quilting it because it won’t fit in my machine for machine quilting which is what I’m use to so needless to say I’m gaining another skill.  I’ll post pics of both of these in a few days. 

Okay, I’m back and I ran into a problem.  I was getting to the ribbing on my footies on the ML (magic loop) and realized that sock B was shorter in the heel than sock A so this morning I decided to remove sock B from the ML and put it on a circ. and knit it up to where sock A is.  I’m going to finish that and make my way back to the ribbing and then do a crochet bind-off. 

I haven’t knitted on the Green Gable this week due to Mid-term prep but after getting the sleeves on stitch holders I’ve been doing very well with it. 

 On the new project I’ve cast on my 2nd Calorimetry this time I’m using Lion’s Brand Wool-Ease in Oxford Grey for my Mother as one of her Christmas gifts.  I plan to knit a making scarf to finish the set. 

Time management hasn’t been my friend and so I find myself with many unfinished tasks at the end of the day.  For the past few months, I’ve been contemplating making a commitment to setting up a timeline for my days to incorporate those things that mean most to me and will allow me to get closer to fullfilling my personal goals.  So here we go….

Time Management Proclamation

  • I proclaim that I will respect my time and plan wisely
  • I will include time for myself to regroup and clear my head
  • I will plan small task as to not become overwhelmed and sabotage myself
  • I will continue to knit, sew, and quilt as this is a big part of my main goal
  • I will give myself time to goof off and not feel guilty as the plan is still working
  • Lastly I will incorporate someone I trust to keep me true to my commitment

With my proclamation in place I’m now off to make out my timeline for managing my days and evenings.  Please feel free to take the plunge with me it can only make things in your life less hectic and add a sense of purpose to each day. 

My  Ravelry status: 

  • You signed up on August 4, 2007
  • You are #23111 on the list.
  • 9846 people are ahead of you in line.
  • 9864 people are behind you in line.
  • 39% of the list has been invited so far

I hear such great things about being a part of Ravelry, that I can’t wait to be a part of this community of fiber lovers.  I am looking forward to being able to further organize my stash since doing so last year.  I have been contemplating staying on a yarn diet until I truly make a dent in my knitting stash.   

  I’m still working on the footies for my DD and my (Coral) Green Gable.  Next week will be the end of another quarter for me and I can really use the break; studying for finals and finishing projects can be a bit hectic when signing the mountain of paperwork that comes with a new school year.   I’m hoping to really get some knitting done during this time as I have been wanting to start my Christmas knitting without feeling rushed to complete so many projects the week before.  This is very admirable thinking but there’s always room for a change of plans.  I did manage to purchase Yarnplay and Accessories Options from Knitpicks  I also ordered some Addi’s that I think will feel more comfortable for me to get the Magic Loop technique the cost was really cheap.

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