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This is something new that I wanted to start on my blog as a way of staying accountable to completing projects in all of my crafting areas.  I belong to a group on Ravelry called Year Long Gift Along that promotes getting your gifting projects completed before the birthdays, anniversary, baby showers and Christmas come rushing at you.  Since I was posting items there I really got to thinking about taking it a step further and really pushing myself to be more committed to finishing projects I start.  I feel this will bring more organization and planning to all areas of my life not just the crafty side.  So without further ado here’s my first installment of Finished Object Friday:

Stay tuned for next weeks installment.  Until then Be blessed, be positive, be truthful, be joyful, be at peace, and be creative. 


For those of you who don’t knit you may or may not know of Ravelry.  It’s a new online community for knitters, crocheters and fiber fanatics and it consumes your every spare moment.  I got my invite last month and have uploaded 47 yarn group pics of my stash, completed 4 projects and started several new ones.   Okay now that my fiber talk is out the way, we can focus on fabric. I did complete my latest baby quilt and the couple was really happy to recieve it.    

I have also decided to start garment sewing for myself so this will be my quilting and sewing page.  I have been looking at Erica B’s blog for around a year now and have always been a fan of her sewing and have found others through her blog and by searching for sewing podcasts.  One person I have come to enjoy following is Carolyn her sewing has inspired me to not give up my dream of sewing for myself.  As a plus size petite lady it’s hard to find clothing that fits well and suits that the back section doesn’t have that annoying bubble in the middle of the back.    I purchased some fabric for my SWAP  that stands for Sewing With a Purpose.  The concept behind that is to plan out your sewing that you end up with a coordinating wardrobe.   This idea appealed to me so much so that I began looking for some patterns and material that would work for some existing items already in my wardrobe and thinking of items I needed to add.    I purchased Simplicity patterns 4881 and 4877 both of which have 6 variations.

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