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To continue with my last post I got my report back from the mammogram and everything looks good. Thank the Lord. I’m still awaiting my other results but I know that things will be fine. While awaiting the results, I kept myself occupied with all of my crafting and mid-term prep. I finished some UFO’s and used up some items from my stash and purchased some new yarns for hats.

I’ll include the pics and then give the details. So first up we have my 2nd skirt made from black and white cotton fabric from my stash.

Black & white skirt This is Simplicity 4881 2 hour skirt. I made this skirt before but this time it was alot easier as I made the View B. I used my pinking shears to cut the seam lines and then I sewed them and did a top stitch.

View 1 of Scarf This is the scarf that I had intended to go with my Mother’s Calorimetry I gave her for Christmas but 1/4th of the way I ran out of the yarn. I finally finished this last week and then decided to add a crochet edge to add a bit of whimsy. Here’s the close up of the edging.

Lastly, I’ve been trying to get these socks off my needles but that just wasn’t going as planned. I did managed to finally get the heels done on them both….so here’s that pic:

So here’s the things I’ve been working on this past week and as all crafters know it’s good to finish something and I feel a joy everytime something comes off the needles or my sewing machine has sewn it’s last stitch of a project.

In new fiber news and old loves, I have to say that I started my love for fiber as a crocheter and since there’s a very talented designer on the scene named Afya Ibomu of the famed Get your Crochet On! series I have decided to get my hooks out and get back into the groove of crocheting. I started the Soldier cap which I will post pics of this later this week. There has been much time to reflect and reorganize my creative priorities and I want to make sure this year that I include all of them. There are times as all of you well know there just aren’t enough hours in the day to accomplish everything but making an effort is half the battle.

Well I’m out of here for now but remember to be blessed, be positive, be truthful, be joyful, be at peace, and be creative


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