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Okay, I’m back and I ran into a problem.  I was getting to the ribbing on my footies on the ML (magic loop) and realized that sock B was shorter in the heel than sock A so this morning I decided to remove sock B from the ML and put it on a circ. and knit it up to where sock A is.  I’m going to finish that and make my way back to the ribbing and then do a crochet bind-off. 

I haven’t knitted on the Green Gable this week due to Mid-term prep but after getting the sleeves on stitch holders I’ve been doing very well with it. 

 On the new project I’ve cast on my 2nd Calorimetry this time I’m using Lion’s Brand Wool-Ease in Oxford Grey for my Mother as one of her Christmas gifts.  I plan to knit a making scarf to finish the set. 

Time management hasn’t been my friend and so I find myself with many unfinished tasks at the end of the day.  For the past few months, I’ve been contemplating making a commitment to setting up a timeline for my days to incorporate those things that mean most to me and will allow me to get closer to fullfilling my personal goals.  So here we go….

Time Management Proclamation

  • I proclaim that I will respect my time and plan wisely
  • I will include time for myself to regroup and clear my head
  • I will plan small task as to not become overwhelmed and sabotage myself
  • I will continue to knit, sew, and quilt as this is a big part of my main goal
  • I will give myself time to goof off and not feel guilty as the plan is still working
  • Lastly I will incorporate someone I trust to keep me true to my commitment

With my proclamation in place I’m now off to make out my timeline for managing my days and evenings.  Please feel free to take the plunge with me it can only make things in your life less hectic and add a sense of purpose to each day. 


What I’ve been up to

Well ladies,  I’ve been so busy that I haven’t had time to do any knitting but have been making plans to finish my UFO’s.  I made my reveal to my SSF Secret Pal.  I really enjoyed spoiling her as she was so gracious in sharing her delight with all of us.   I’m waiting for my SSF to reveal herself.  I’ll check back with you all in a few days. 

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