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Was outside just a minute ago taking the last meat from the grill and thought when will I have something substantial to show for all this yarn that I have.  Then it hit me like a ton of bricks.  It’s been a while since I was truly able to sit down at the sewing machine and make anything.  I have several new knitting patterns that I mentioned in my last post but haven’t had the time to start on any of them.  Got a new digital scrapbooking program that it took me a week-n-half to upload.  Have 3 SWAP’s I’m in on RAverly and no real time to get anything done.

Yes, life as it usually does has gotten in the way and I hate that because crafting is my outlet, the catalyst to relaxation.  So I’ve been on edge for weeks without any real time to craft.  You can normally find my efforts laying beside me the next morning with only a stitch or two completed.   Work is stressful, my youngest is graduating from high school but has been ill for the past month and we still don’t know what’s going on with her yet.  My boyfriend was just diagnosed with prostate cancer.  To top it all off, I’m back in school and looking to start nursing school in the fall.

I did become inspired to use up all of my acrylic yarns and make things for charity.  Here’s my latest endeavor

Crocheted baby caps for a charity KnitsforNeeds.

So although I’ve managed to crochet 3 caps I feel as though my creative mojo is being stifled and I want it back.

If any of you see by mojo please stop by and let me know >)


Here’s to productivity and a bit of planning finally.  What am I referring to?  That would be an idea that come from one of the Ravelry group I’m in.  Year Long Gift-a-Long in which you spend the whole year making gifts for those on you long list so you don’t spend the last minute rushing to complete those gifts.  So here’s my list for the remainder of the year as posted on Ravelry:

May~ Birthday Cowl, Lacie Lady Socks, at least 4 washclothes

June~ Lace Wrap for my Mother this will be my first serious lace project so it will have my undivided attention.

July~ Tudora hoping to make several of these in varying colors so hopefully I’ll get at least 3 made

August~ Wristers for my oldest DD and maybe Fetching for her also

September/October ~ Would like to make several Shrugs for my daughters to prepare for the cold weather which will be here by then.

November/December ~ more washclothes, scarves, hats to give to charities and my family

Now that I’ve put my list up for all of you to read along with my fellow Ravelry gift givers I have an obligation to get this done.

I had talked about my SWAP partners socks for the Sock It To Me 3 SWAP and I heard from her that they were the best socks that have been made for her.  That really makes me feel so good knowing that I had such anxiety about getting them right.  That also confirms the mentality of a crafter that every stitch, chain, thread and all have to be perfect.   So I know for sure from a fellow crafter that I managed to create a well made pair of socks.  Thanks Cary for the kind words and appreciation of those socks.

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