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As I am preparing for 2009 I have been thinking of what I want to accomplish in my creativity throughout the year.  They most definitely include more FO’s in all of my crafts, increase my skill level in all crafts and explore my dream of creating a pattern in knitting. This dream has been on my mind for over a year or so now and I have been getting ready for this for a while now but in the last few months I’ve invested in some material to research the process and how to set up schematics and the like.  Here’s some of the material I’ve chosen to help me.

I chose this book as it says you can design in 5 easy steps.  I took this out the other day and started reading up on getting started as my first project has to incorporate cables.   I didn’t want to do anything really simplistic I was looking for something with a bit of texture so I also purchased this book for reference on cable patterns.

So needless to say, I thought it would be good to start trying out some ideas and here’s my first.  The pattern is very simple cabling and at this point, I’m still trying to set up how to incorporate a cable pattern to fit the project you desire.  Here’s the start of my Cabled Hat created from Lions Brand Wool-Ease in MC Wheat and CC in Maroon heather(this isnt’ the colorway)

I’m almost done with this cap and will add new photos of it completed along with my thoughts on how it worked out.

One of the Dr.’s that I work for just had her 2nd child on Christmas morning and I thought I’d make something for the baby.   So I pulled out my one of my books that I declare will get more use in 2009 to find something quick to make and this is what I found  the Bamboo Sweater on Ravelry.  This has been a quick and easy little project and I will post the FO pic after I weave in the ends and add the buttons which I still have to find.

I hope as the year comes to an end you have reviewed your work, noted your growth, put your complications/failures into perspective, and more than anything else set out to plan for more productive, educational and fun projects.


The photos that you see are real.  Ladies and Gentlemen picture a wonderful Christmas morning.  The phone’s ringing with Merry Christmas cheer and peace and goodwill is all around.

Then without warning I go to share well wishes from a text message sent by a family friend with my 2 DD’s and what my foot steps in soaking wet carpet.  Immediately I’m panicking and looking in the furnace room to see what’s the problem and to my dismay a busted  water pipe that has been spraying water in the walls for I don’t know how many days.

This pic is the pipe and the hole that had to be cut in the wall to fix the leak.

This pic shows the water that had accumulated in the well of the water heater and I was thinking OMG not a busted water heater again.   The bottom pic is the closet area in my DD’s room that is just eaten up with mildew.  So that tells me there was a slow leak for some time.

Just stopping back by to show off more FO’s and to discuss a Frogging and plan of how to re-invent a pattern.  First, I’ve been doing some crocheting and completed 2 caps one for me and the other for a co-worker after she saw my cap.  Both are made with Red Heart……yes, I use acrylic blends but my top choice would be Caron Simply Soft.  Well, I talk about that later.

My Cool Cap in Black had to add as a link because I can’t upload pics right now. Once I wore this work my co-worker Rachel asked for one and this is hers modeled by my youngest DD  Rachel’s Cap Hope to be able to get this photo gliche worked out soon.  I love a blog with pictures.

Well, here we are at the end of another year and I’ve been thinking of all I’ve done this year.  It has, by far, been the most productive year since I’ve started any of my crafts.  I would like to show off my accomplishments by the categories I create in.

First we have sewing and the big thing that happened to me this year was the discovery of sewing blogs and happened upon Carolyn .  She was the one that set in me the drive to step out of my fear of sewing for the new sized me.  I was sewing for my daughters and that was going well but I wouldn’t dare make a garment for myself.  Not only was this the year to sew for myself it was also the year to learn to read patterns.  What I learned this year was to have a good garment you have to plan and take your time to properly execute a fit that in the end is flattering for you.   So here’s my sewing garments ’08 projects

Now on to my crochet projects.  This was the year I found Afya Ibomu of Get Your Crochet On.  This was actually the only thing I could figure out on my own as a child but didn’t know how to put it all together so now you can link to my crochet hats from Ms. Ibomu.  Crochet projects ’08 I look forward to adding some crocheted garments to my wardrobe in ’09.

I don’t talk about this craft often but it’s the one that catapolted me into the world of blogging and opened the way to sewing and knitting.  So without further ado here’s my Quilting ’08 project I actually added every quilt I’ve done since starting this craft.

How could I list my projects without including my knitting.  Here are my knitting projects for ’08 there are more projects somewhere around my Flickr so take a cruise.

Now on to 2009

I’m looking forward to managing my time so that all my crafts get some attention and my completed project list is longer than in ’08.  In my knitting I would like to try lace knitting and actually have a few sweaters for myself when it’s all said and done.  I would also like to work on having a better fit as the fit of my first sweater my Green Gable is not exactly what it should be.

In sewing I want to learn how to fit my shape better and improve my lining skills as it is my goal to make an outer garment.   Sewing should bring about more confidence in projects I tackle  and a fabulously flattering wardrobe.

In crochet I hope to create some garments.  Honestly,  my biggest desire is to write a pattern and actually have it work.  I have always created for others and in 2009 I really want to increase my wardrobe with items I created.

I will be keeping a running count of how much yarn I bust through in 2009,  I will do more to give to charity through my crafts.  I would like to give locally as I feel the need to help my community as we are facing a devastating job loss market here in my region of Ohio.

There will be a monthly review of the podcasts I listen to as they too cover every craft I do.  It will be the last Saturday of every month beginning Jan. 2009.   I will also try to feature a new pattern from the many pattern books I have not so much that they will be new to you but we can take a look at how it comes together.   I would also love to review different products and books that I have as a way of pushing myself to keep busy and productive.

Here’s hoping that you’ve had a wonderful year of creating and learning and growing as an artist and in 2009 I look forward to what the year will bring to all of us in our nature to share the warmth of creating something from a beautiful yarn, fabric, beads, embroidery as only you can.

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