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Just stopping by to share a little bit of creativity with you.  I realized that it’s been 3wks. since my last post and although I’ve been gone I have been knitting and planning some sewing projects.  I started and finished a Stethoscope cozy only to discover it was too short and the wrong color for my SWAP partner.  So, I made another one.  I really like this project as it is a very quick knit and a very good way to use up the self-striping sock yarn that had just been sitting in the basket longing to be made into something.  Here’s the completed cozy.

I’ve also started on a Cabled Cap from Tanis Gray in Vogue’s On The Go!  Cables Mittens, Hats & Scarves.  I love this pattern as I was one to always think cabels were just to complicated until I found Fall Cable KAL back in ’06 and made my Karoake scarf.   I’m using Lion Brand’s Wool-Ease in Chestnut.  I don’t like that the cable definition is not as detailed as I would like but I will make this again a few times in a merino yarn. Here’s my progress so far……..tell me what you think.

Cabled Cap

Cabled Cap

Erin from Eat.Sleep.Knit had a Black Friday Sale and it was absolute madness.  The demand to shop her site made the server crash talk about anticipation.  I finally managed to get on and complete my shopping after about 6 hours of refreshing the site.  I do have to say that it was really worth it.  There was the option to save up to 100% off your order YES, I did say 100% off.  I did get 15% off my order and if you spend over $75 USD you get FREE shipping.  I also made it to the 5M mark in the Yarnathon.  It’s a competition to make the run in yarn from 1M to 26.2M  along the way you win prizes and exclusive discounts.  If you haven’t joined you should and did I fail to mention her shop carries Malabrigo, Lorna’s Lace and many other lovely yarns.

Well this is all for now as I do want to spend the rest of my evening knitting and dreaming of creating more lovely knits.  I’m even thinking of trying lace.  Ok, just like cables Lace sends a bit of a tremor down my spine but I’ve always been a daredevil on my road to being creative so I just have to find the right beginning pattern.  So if you know of one that jump started your love of lace please drop a comment.

Stay tuned for my Creative Year In Review.  I will share a review of my crafts, lessons learned, and my creative prospects for 2009.


I have to admit I’ve been neglectful of my incoming links from my fellow bloggers.  Case in point back in July I was so nicely awarded the Arte y Pico award from Aritified that named me as a creative lady she admires.  Now let me tell you as I have over the past few years as I discover more talented ladies out in blogland that I totally look up to.  This is a very humbling gesture becuase I feel there is still so much I have to learn and perfect in my crafts.  To Artified, I just wanted to say thank you so much for the award and I look forward to reaching higher skills in the year 2009.

Now to follow in the spirit of this award I have 5 ladies who blog I would love to give this award to and hope they accept in the spirit in which it’s given.  So with a creative drumroll here’s my inspiring picks:

  1. Wonderful Knitwear designer Robyn
  2. Quilt Artist and knitter Pat
  3. She inspired me to sew for myself Carolyn
  4. Shares her talent of knitting KnittyCent
  5. Crochets the most beautiful items  Judy

Now I want to share a project that has brought back a love for DPN’s.  If you’ve been a regular reader of my blog I was first introduced to knitting in the round with 2 cirs and then I moved on to the Magic Loop method and haven’t had DPN’s in my hands for a while now.  Well, since I’m in the medical field and have my Stethescope on my neck most of the day I thought it would be good if I figured out to make a cozy for it.  So here’s the pic of my progress so far

Stethescope cozy

Stethescope cozy

I look forward to having more to offer later this week.  And before I end this post I have to give a Big Shout Out to all of you who knew America was in need of a change.   CONGRATS to President Elect Barak Obama may God keep you and your family as you steer the US into a new direction that has the potential the change our world.

It’s been a long time since my last post and unfortunately I still have a sore throat but otherwise doing well.  I’m enjoying my job but my exhaustion after work has really cut into my knitting, sewing and crocheting time.  I really miss being able to make progress as I’m already a slow knitter so I feel that nothing is happening.  How do you get your mojo back when you’re so tired after a 12 hour day?  I use to take my projects to work and work on them during my lunch break but since I’m on my own now and a Dr.’s office is unpredictable I don’t always have a long time for lunch.

I’m happy to report that after a year or so of picking up and putting aside I have finally finished my Green Gable in Coral Lambs Pride.  Here’s the front view.  There were a few challenges I had to overcome as I’m not use to knitting garments for myself.  I had to make a bust adjustment and because I have a bit of a tummy I had to widen the torso area so my GG doesn’t exactly have the same hourglass shaping as the pattern.  I did do a repeat of the lace pattern at the bottom to add some extra detail and length to this sweater.  I also added 6 rows to the sleeves before doing the ribbed section.

Knitgirlll's Green Gable knitting '08

Knitgirllls Green Gable Back view

Knitgirlll's Green Gable Back view

I also signed up for Socktoberfest on Ravelry but had problems with my socks and the frustration of this project has all but halted my progress.  I had these on my Addi turbo circs and all was going well until I decided to add a little lace work for interest and just started having problems with them.  I was working a k2tog, YO pattern but it was proving difficult to work this pattern.  I did switch this over to the new needles I got from Yarn pirate as the tips are sharp and my Addi’s have a blunt tip.  This has helped but after 10 rows I realized that one sock was larger than the other so I had to jump in the Frog Pond and now I’m just up to the ball of the foot on each sock and need to transfer the one from the Addi to the Yarn Pirate needles here see where I am

STR Footies that just arent getting anywhere

STR Footies that just aren't getting anywhere

I’ve also acquired some new loot since my last post.  I decided to join Yarn Pirates Booty Club and here’s my first treasure it’s 46 yds of Merino/Bamboo/Nylon fingering wgt. yarn in the most beautiful colorway Smoke Rings.  It has shades of grey, blue, lavender and lilac here see for yourself.  As you can see there were also some extra goodies in my kit.  A pair of Pink aluminum 24″ cirs, a set of Pirate stickers and a pin. Not bad for my first treasure hunt?

Booty Club from Yarn Pirate

Booty Club from Yarn Pirate

I also had earned $20.00 credit at my last purchase of yarn from Eat.Sleep.Knit so here’s some very pretty bulky wgt yarn from J. Knits in colorway Connecticut

Bulky wtg. J. Knits yarn

Bulky wtg. J. Knits yarn

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