Projects, reading and a little creating

This is my latest dress NewLook 6515 using a shirt pattern and making it into a dress.  Yes, this is my second one.  I used a brown crepe-like material to make this dress.  The first picture shows my dress in it’s parts with me adding a sashing to add length and a better drape.  This stayed on the form for a month.

Well, now there are sleeves added on and after three attempts I finally have the sashing in place and love the end result.

Okay do you see what I see. the side seam is showing I will be taking care of this tonight.  Overall as I have stated before this is one of my favorite patterns and I like the way I look in this style.  The next photo shows my dress after it was completed.  Love it… it… it.    I had considered beading the sashing to add interest but realized that if I do that then my accent choices would become very limited.

I did go to JoAnn’s this afternoon as they were having a big sale and I got to use my 40% off coupon and then the 10% off your entire purchase including sales items.  Needless to say I did really good.  Some advise if you shop at JoAnn’s frequently make sure to pick up the Fall JoAnn’s magazine and take advantage of the coupons on the back cover.

I had mentioned that I was reading the Knitting Circle by Ann Hood and it was slow going at first as I was just so busy with all the things of the last month with school, externing, my girls, and looking for a job that reading for pleasure wasn’t on the agenda.  Well, this weekend I decided to complete this book and it was really good.  I laughed, cried, and laughed some more.  I really enjoyed the characters but the sadness that is real life was a bit overwhelming.  It did one important thing for me and that was to show how you can come together through knitting.

On the creative front I’m still working on getting my hats done for Obama’s Homeless Veterans charity.  I will be sharing my latest sewing projects, something new that I really want to cultivate and share with all of you by next year.  Take care and thanks for stopping by.


  1. Hooray for you! Blessings are literally raining on you! Congratulations on the new job, Phyllis. It sounds wonderful. The finished dress is just as fabulous as I pictured it would be.

  2. The dress looks good. 🙂 My husband persuades me to go shopping and sewing… but I can’t find the time yet. Schools have started here this week, and my youngest is so tired… he sure keeps his mom busy

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