Why is this an Issue?

I saw this comment on my blog and although I responded to the person I really want to know, Why is this an issue.  Here’s the comment and tell me what you feel.

  1. I noticed all of the pictures you have on here are of black women modeling the garments. I am white. I cannot identify with your totally black pictures. If you want to attract all races, please be courteous and include at least one other race when putting pictures on the site. Thank-You.

After I read this I had to go back again and reread it to make sure this was correct.  This is my take as a blogger, creator and most of all a very proud Black woman who is raising two young ladies that I want to proud of the skin they were born in; while not harboring any resentment or undo prejudice on anyone based on the color of their skin.    I blog for the outlet of sharing aspects of my life with all of you.  And just because there are ads or packaging that I include on my blog that depict black people there are just as many ads, books, podcast, pattern envelopes and the like that showcase other races.  I would never come to your blog looking to see me just to feel included.  I feel included because we’re sharing our love of fibers, notions, and the like.

I hope that we fiber lovers and creative spirits can help break the cycle of race.  For all of us it’s a joy, spark of excitement when we find something new, learn a new method/skill, and most of all find others that share that love.  Please tell me why this issue of race would even be on this woman’s mind when I’m her sister in our love of crafting and womanhood.

Until then, Be blessed, be positive, be truthful, be at peace and be CREATIVE.


  1. WTH!!! okay you are much better than me because I don’t think my response would have been so lady like. REALLY!!! REALLY!!! NO REALLY!!! COME ON PEOPLE. First of all, this is your blog, about you, about your life. You are not running for office or trying to gather the masses, you are simply living your life and sharing it with us. If I wanted to plaster my blog with the puertorican flag and only post pictures of my beautiful Latina women I would and so what!!! that’s my life, that’s my heritage and I am not blogging to make other people happy, I blog because it is a freedom of expression and I have the right to blog about whatever suits my fancy. I am SURE that you intention is not to “leave” anyone out. AND HONESTLY I NEVER PAID ANY MIND TO THAT, so obviously the person who did notice must have some kind of a hang-up… girl! you done got me started…LOL

  2. domestichaven

    I had to post this on my blog.

  3. What a completely ignorant thing to say! While there is a public aspect to blogging, it’s like picking books at the library. If you don’t care for the person’s color sense, or chosen craft, or skin color, then you can choose not to read about it. I, for one, applaud your ladylike response and most of all your choices in raising your daughters. Women need to be proud of themselves, no matter what. I’ll stop now before I get all soap-boxy.

    I’d also like to think that I have enough imagination to picture a piece of clothing on myself regardless of the color or size of the model (or the sample!). That’s part of crafting, right?

  4. You keep doing what you are doing. You are a fantastic fiber artist and far above the petty comments of shallow minded people like that.

  5. Barbara

    It is a shame that for some people race has to be included in EVERYTHING . That says a lot about some people and their character. I go to blog sites to learn about the different aspects of sewing and I am ALWAYS excited if and when I learn a little something extra ie about different cultures or information on different subjects. I saw information about Vietnam, India and travel on a sewing blog I enjoyed it . If this is going on in a sewing BlOG I see now what Obama has to put up with. LORD HELP US !!!

  6. She can’t be serious, can she? Sorry, honey, but the whole world isn’t white. Seriously. Personally (even though skin tones don’t come any whiter/paler than mine) I love to see a well made garment on a model that it *fits* and skin color just doesn’t matter. We are all united as women who love fiber, and I think that is much more important than skin color.

  7. I’m amazed someone would leave a comment for you like that. She obviously has a lot of hangups (at the very least!) ;0)

  8. I followed a link posted on Domestic Haven, and I have to say I am completely appalled that anyone would think it was appropriate to leave a comment like that on anyone’s blog. I’m not asking you to call her out, but I would be very interested to know how many pictures of Black women show up on her blog. Probably not many, and she probably never even thinks about it.

  9. I’m with Adrienne here. Wow. It never fails to amaze me!

  10. hennasplace

    I really do not understand why anyone would leave such a comment on someone else’s personal blog. If she feels that strongly about it, then she should not bother reading the blog if she for whatever reason unable to identify or relate to another person. What a shallow and inane person with the audacity to tell someone how to create his or her blog.

  11. rebeccawip

    I yam choque-ed (zat is ow my fwensch uuzband saiz zat…)
    translation – “I am shocked (that is how my french husband says that)
    No, really, I honestly can’t believe someone would post something like that on YOUR PERSONAL blog! If you don’t like it, don’t look at it. And, that’s not even the point anyhow but still…

  12. Jennifer

    I just read what happened on domestichaven’s blog and all I have to say is WOW she has got some nerve

  13. Wendi-knitmare

    You do a great job and really there is always going to be an unhappy complaining person out there. You handled this in a classy way. I suppose if this person is at Dillard’s and just sees a garment hanging on a headless figure it’s hard for her to relate too. Skin color is the least of my worries when I am trying to figure out if a garment works for me. If she wants to do her designs in purple, blue, white,asian, indian or black models she can. In any type of designing there is a specifically catered to type of person (usually it’s our own shape or the person we are making it for, I mean why else would you design). Keep on doing what you are doing.

  14. I am sorry you were subjected to another’s ignorance. It doesn’t surprise me, though. The cycle of race will never be broken, but we can slow it down. Please remember that you never have to justify who you are or what you do or why you do it on your own personal blog. After all, this is YOUR space. Your arena. You can do as you see fit. Many of us come here to learn and share and take delight in your creations. Kudos for handling this in a dignified and queenly manner.

  15. Your reply SO took the high road. Kudos!

    It is interesting that in our current world of marketing the MAJORITY of products are sold with models who are usually white. She should get her fill daily!

    The marketing world has grown my leaps to include diversity but it isn’t perfect. In a world where daily she can get her fill of white models why would she pick on your blog? I mean it’s a blog! It’s your world.

    When I visit different blogs it is fun to see how everyone views their sewing art and culture — through their eyes!! I wouldn’t ask Christina at Assorted Notions to put up Asian models or Cidell to put up Hispanic models, etc.. It’s their world and their site.

    I could go on forever.. anyway kudos!

  16. You keep doing you!
    I do the same, I am a woman of color with two young girls of color who I want to grow up to be proud of their skin and not want to be like what is plastered all over the television and magazine ads. This is YOUR blog!

  17. TurquoizBlue

    Pure ignorance! Your blog should be a reflection of YOU. You aren’t producing a fashion magazine for the masses. Please don’t change.

  18. Nan

    Huh? I had to read that a second time, too.

    My first reaction was anger. (what, the blogger makes a hat for her mom, she’s gotta call Rent-A-Mom to photograph & post it?)

    By the time I finished, it was very different. How terribly proscribed and restrictive her life must be. How does she manage to knit (or whatever) when the model might be different from herself? How very limited.

    How sad…

    Your response, Knitgirlll, was “just right.” Thank you for reminding me what kindness is, what kind of person I hope my grandchildren will become. Of what kind of person I wish I was more often.

    Your little ones are blessed to have you for their mom.


  19. Wow! How ignorant. And what a lady you are. On the bright side, I found your blog through another link and now I have added to my bloglines feed. But I had to say that I am so sorry you had to be subjected to this kind of pure stupidity. Let’s keep visualizing the day when things like this dissolve away.

  20. Thanks to everyone who left a comment on this subject and no she didn’t leave her blog addi for me to look at her choice of models for her FO’s but that’s perfectly okay by me.

  21. Hmmm…. guess that person is not used to live in a multicultural area. What does it matter if someone’s skin is black or white? To discriminate is so easy, but to take away the pain it causes… that is harder.

  22. charlotte

    ridiculous. I am SOuthern and White… who cares what color you are? sure, our cultures will be very different. My culture as a southern white woman and I use “white” loosely b/c I have a fair amount of pure blood greek in me will look different than even another southern white girl b/c of who my parents were, how I was raised, what kind of education I have, what kind of education my parents had. There is nothing wrong with that. AND! it certainly doesnt make any difference what color your skin is… I have seen many a “whitetrash black person” and many a “Ghetto White person”. I think this post modern junk about diversity is just making everyone try to be the same. We should just all be who we are but civilized. 🙂 This White girl is PROUD OF YOU!

  23. Laura Valentine


    I guess it never occurred to this person how many women of color have to go through every damn day not seeing pictures of anything but white women.

    Or that the inability to identify with someone else because of the color of their skin might indicate a spectacularly racist failure of imagination.

  24. I followed a link here from Mimi’s Domestichaven. Some people just don’t get it. And they never will. I randomly clicked in your archives and , sure enough, I saw lots of Black women. My blog has mostly one Black person – ME!!! Does that mean anyone who is not me might be offended? It just doesn’t make sense.

    I wouldn’t expect you to go out and find White women, or blind women or physically challenged women to photograph. Your blog reflects your life. There is nothing wrong with that. Some people just don’t get it.

  25. I came here via a link on Mimi’s blog. My mouth is wide open in shock. Frankly, as white woman, I truly appreciate the diversity that personal blogs provide because I see and learn things I might not ever know if I were to stay insulated in my own environment and perspective. But the specific point about a specific race featured??? Wow. It never would’ve crossed my mind to think of it at all, and then as a negative too.

  26. I honestly don’t understand that comment. Diversity is a good thing and personally, I’m drawn to crafty blogs that reflect different cultures, countries and such. I can’t always relate to them, but reading them is how I learn and open up my world and see the possibilities that exist outside my own world. I am the better for it.

    Keep on keepin’ on. 🙂
    p.s. Btw, the pizzas on your previous post look Delicious!!! 😀

  27. Your blog is a warm and open invitation to all. The way I read it is “Welcome to a world fine craftsmanship and fine thinking.”, all here to be shared without restriction. Perhaps if this woman focused more on what is here, not on what she feels is missing? She’s simply cutting off her nose to spite her face. By the way, I notice you don’t have a lot of semi-centarian, male-knitter, bad-housekeeping, overweight-with-dandruff type pictures on your blog. Funny that I still feel welcome isn’t it?

  28. She had to be kidding. This is the kind of thing that white people do without a second thought to how someone might feel. Some not all white people think that everything on this earth should be catered to their needs. Hence the reason for us (women of color) to do things for us by us….You are a better woman than I cos she really woulda got cussed out….

  29. I cannot believe that anyone would say that. In this white person’s opinion, there is no reason why she should have said what she did. Does she really expect you to go out and take pictures of white people to put on your personal blog!?

  30. k2sc1

    I just found your blog today through Rav, and I cannot believe the comment that person left. Of all the nerve. Maybe it was a troll, looking for blogs to cause trouble in.

  31. Unbelievable. It would never have dawned on me to think about the model’s skin color. I am a white woman born and raised in the south, and I am ashamed of my own kind. Who gives a rip what color your skin is? I apologize for this woman’s ignorance. Why in the world would she think she needs to “identify” with whomever you have model for you? Bless her heart, she must have no life.

  32. mardi

    I was actually amused by this comment. I hadn’t even noticed except that I assumed you are an African American woman. I happen to be Caucasian, and that is what you would see on my blog (I am just creating one, and it’s not ready to go public yet). I could show a photo of my husband, who just happens to be African American. However, I want to do business from my blog, and I don’t care to invite comments from insensitive persons that might take me off course. At some point, I may include photos of him, but, as entrepreneurs, he and I have learned that it is often best to separate our businesses from our personal lives.


    […] by: KnitGirlll06 (on her […]

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