Let’s Celebrate!!! 3 yrs. Blogging

I noticed that I’ve been blogging for the past 3 years as of April 29th and thought I’d have a little party with favors. Since I quilt, knit, crochet and sew a gift from each would be offered. What I’d like to know from you is what propelled you share your crafting life with all of us out here in blogging land? For me, it was a chance to meet others with the same interests, glean as much knowledge as I could from the more experienced crafters, and share my accomplishments and failures with you while building a sisterhood of sorts with each of you. I will be running this contest for 1 week and will choose the winners by random draw and post here May 8th. You have until midnight May 7th to leave your comment answering the questions posed in this post. Good luck and thanks for participating.  5/1 I forgot to mention that with each prize listed there will be an additional prize catered to the winners personal taste.

Quilting Prize

Knitting Prize

Crochet Prize

Sewing Prize

As time has gone on I have tried to step it up a notch as you learn what draws people to your blog. No, I don’t have this down just yet but there has been remarkable improvement. I hope you’ll continue to stop by from time-to-time and be a witness and encourager of my growth.


  1. Ooohhhh, I’m first!
    I just started blogging and I have to say that it was Ravelry that turned me on to the idea. I love to read about other people’s projects and to just generally get an idea about other people’s lives. I was starting to spend so much time reading the blogs of others that I figured it was time to start my own.
    Congrats on 3 years of blogging! I enjoyed reading yours.

  2. WOW, 3 years. I can’t even come up with anything to write…….LOL. I will for sure start watching your blog though, it’s quite interesting :o) And that sock yarn is sooooo lovely!!! And thanks for posting on Ravelry as I would have never found your blog otherwise and it seems to be very enjoyable. I’ll be back for more reading soon :o)

  3. Hey cutie! Thanks for running such an all-inclusive contest! I’m a knitter and spinner, myself.

    I started blogging because I’ve moved a lot and it was the easiest way to keep all of my scattered friends updated. Bonus: I’ve made new friends through it – how fun!

    Needlegrrl on Ravelry 🙂

  4. I started blogging because I tried a year ago, and didn’t get very far with it. I felt really dumb, so many people had this figured out and I couldn’t. So I charged ahead in Jan 08 again, and it clicked this time. I look at it as a sort of journal for myself also, I can look back and see my progress in knitting and code work.

  5. My reasons are similar to yours, to share with others that have a common interest with me. At the time no one near to me knitted or crochet. I also blog for inspiration and to vent. I think I blow off more steam on my blog than I do to close friends.
    Fellow knitter and sometime sew- I was about to type sewer!

  6. I started blogging because I was nagged into it (really!) by my co-blogger who doesn’t actually blog much. I’ve met some great friends and participated in several great swaps so it’s been worth it.

  7. I started blogging initially to keep in touch with family, as I do not live near my family… well my knitting is a very big part of my life so naturally it gets blogged about… plus I am very proud of my work… I put a lot of time and effort into it, and enjoy it immensely. Congrats on your blogiversary!!

  8. Kristen

    I haven’t started a blog because I’m too busy reading other peoples’ blogs!!!! But I’m glad you posted on Ravelry. I’m a knitter who aspires to sew and possibly quilt some day.

  9. I’ve been lurking around the blogscape for years, admiring the great skills of so many knitters, and cadging free patterns and photo’s for inspiration. I started blogging just last month to enter a contest. I’ve expanded the subject matter of my posts somewhat, but I haven’t talked about my knitting except to mention once that I had to frog a bunch. WIP pictures would just make me realize how slowly the progress goes, and I haven’t finished anything since I started the blog. Maybe soon? I’m not sure I’m confident enough to post my FOs anyway. I guess I’ve picked up more of the lingo than the spirit of craft blogging. Thanks for the contest. That is the other thing that really struck me, is the generosity of bloggers.

  10. sabrina

    I just started knitting and wanted a way to arcive it. Also there is a great deal of family things in it, my hubby is in Iraq and wants to be kept updated.

  11. I started blogging about 2 1/2 years ago because I had decided to do a daily sketch. I thought blogging about it and posting the sketches would help motivate me to keep at it–you know, the accountability thing and all. It didn’t work. The daily sketches have fallen by the wayside. Then, I thought that it would be a good way to keep in touch with my family and friends who are scattered from New York to Texas to Alaska. Though I sent several e-mails notifying them I had a blog, they don’t read it. So now, I just post my knitting projects, my photographs, and anything else I think may be interesting. Most people who read my blog are friends I’ve made through blogging, but they are as real to me as any friends I’ve met face to face.

  12. knittingpanda87

    I started blogging for basically the same reason you did, so that I could meet other people with the same interests as me. I love to knit and I don’t know anyone around my area other than my mother who knits as well so it was definitly an oppurtunity to meet other people. You can find me on Ravelry as knittingpanda87.

  13. Ren

    the very first thing that came to my mind is that i started blogging to get some comments and compliments on my knitting. i know, i know, that’s an incredibly selfish motive, but i don’t really know any knitters where i live and non-knitters just don’t understand. besides that, it has been nice to keep track of my projects and, now that i’ve been blogging for a while, i value the online friends that i have made. : )

  14. i gave everything away and just couldnt “scrapbook” or journal my porojects. i can blog them though. and there is affirmation, feedback and occassionally a crafting kick in the pants for those “what were you thinking?!” craft objects.

    but what i have gained from it was a sense of community. new friendships, those i have cried with, laughed with and knit with. there is a thread running thru us, tieing us together.

  15. Congrats on your third blogging anniversary! I knit, I spin and I crochet… but am not good in sewing. Never tried quilting though… LOL! WHy I blog? I started actually while I wanted to keep track what I did in a year…

  16. happy 3rd blogiversary! I knit, scrapbook, dye, spin, sew(but almost never now really) and love to craft with other items…glass, wood, metal, i guess i just love to create something, it’s an outlet for me and i find it relaxing and rewarding. To blog about it, well…it’s just a big part of me and my blog i feel would have a huge hole if i didn’t include it. Why i blog in general…well, it has given me a great chance to meet new folks and my family elsewhere in the US can see what i have been up to as well.

  17. Congratulations on 3 years! I Finally started a blog with my website after being asked a lot of the same questions over and over. I mostly use it to showcase studio projects such as dyeing or new spinning techniques. My main artistic outlet the past several years has been knitting and spinning, but I dabble all over the crafty realm. I am now creating room in the studio for a sewing machine (that needs tlc) so i can do some sewing that I haven’t in years. Hoping to add quilting to my catalog of crafts soon 😉

  18. hello! congrats on the 3 yr blogaversary! what motivated me to recently create my crochet/knitting blog was reading all the other craft blogs out there…i love blogs that showed beautiful pics of FO’s and UFO’s along with pattern notes because they really inspired me to take up crocheting/knitting again…i haven’t gotten past basic hats and scarves in 10 years, but seeing everybody’s beautiful creations have pushed me to want to be able to do that too…currently, i am finishing a crochet dress and hopefully start a summer knit…thanks for letting me be in your contest! 🙂

  19. I started blogging as an alternative to journaling, basically because I can do it while sitting in very boring work meetings (like right now!), since my babies keep me busy at home after work. I barely have time to knit, let alone journal, so now I do both at work! I knit at lunch, and love to share my knitting with my blogland friends. Why? Well, basically because its the only thing I’m really good at. That, and being a mom, I hope.

    Happy blogiversary!

  20. ummeyusuf

    I started blogging as a way to organize my hobby and meet others with interests similar to mine.

  21. Happy anniversary!

    I began my blog this past fall in order to keep my crafting life organized and to share with others. I am a compulsive writer as well, so I find it really fun and enjoyable. I’m a spinner, knitter, and weaver mostly, but also sew and enjoy other crafts.

  22. 3 years … that’s a long time! Congrats!

    Nice prizes! I am a knitter (mostly — I do other crafts, but my primary one is knitting)and I started blogging about it to try to make myself accountable for things I started. I didn’t care if anyone read what I was blogging (and didn’t tell anyone about it for weeks!), I just needed to feel that if I put it “out for the world to see” that I had some sort of obligation to finish it.

    Nowit has evolved into a “whatever is going on in my life … and oh, yeah, I knit!” blog!

  23. Nicole

    I don’t blog, both because I’m sometimes on dial-up internet so I wouldn’t be able to update reliably and because I don’t have a camera so it would be hard to share my crafts as much as I’d like to. But I appreciate those of you who do, because I’ve had a lot of fun and learned a lot by reading blogs. Congratulations on 3 years!

  24. Congratulations on 3 years of blogging! That;s great. Your blog is lovely, I think. 🙂 I started sharing my crafting because it really is an important part of my life. It is my way of being artistic and creative, in addition to cooking, and it gives me strength and courage to do other things. When I’ve mastered a new technique, finished a project or learned a new craft I feel empowered.

    I try to only blog about the happy things in my life, and crafting is definitely one of them. It would be unnatural not to.

    I learn a lot from reading other people’s blogs, and I enjoy following people in their lives and projects. Since I started blogging I have gained a whole new community. It enriches my life.

    Again – congrats!

  25. I blog about knitting because it’s an outlet for my happiness/frustration/whatever and I don’t have to drive my non-knitting friends/family crazy with it all.

    Happy Blogiversary!

  26. i started blogging about my knitting because I wanted to share with the world what I am working on. as well when you knit a pttern you learn some quirks or easier ways to do things and you can pass that knowledge on as well.

  27. to meet other knitters, share my projects .I have a knitting group and always looking for more people to come knit with us:)Hugs Darcy

  28. I blog so that my friends etc can check up on my life, travels and hobbies because I move around a lot. I enjoy sharing what I know and learning from what other people have done. I love blogging because people are less inhibited and more willing to say exactly what they thought/experienced etc, and I love photoblogs!!

  29. Amy

    I blog about my crafts because crafts are a big part of my life. Also, some of the crafts I do are not done by other family members or friends. So, a blog lets me share my projects just for the sake of sharing, and also let other people learn from my mistakes and failures. I am mostly a knitter, at this time at least. My “favorite” craft changes over time.

  30. pdxknitterati

    Happy anniversary! I just started blogging in March. It’s all Ravelry’s fault; once I joined I was absolutely addicted. I spend a lot of time there, but I wanted a place to share more information about my projects with knitting friends who don’t do Ravelry (yet), and a place to host my patterns. The upshot: a new blog on wordpress for me. Come visit!

  31. pdxknitterati

    And you can tell that I’m new to the blog world: how do I make my username link to give you contact info?

  32. Let me try that again: come visit! http://pdxknitterati.wordpress.com

    Feel free to edit out post 31 as I try to figure out how this works.

    ps: I really love your FO Friday concept.

  33. saboknits

    I am very new to the blogging world (read about 1 week). I was inspired to blog about my knitting b/c it consumes so much of my thoughts as is, and to be quite honest, I don’t think my husband really WANTED to know what “to frog” means. He does know b/c I didn’t have other knitters to vent about it to until now. I also tend to type way too much description in the notes section of my Ravelry projects, so I wanted a place where I could just go on and on and on . . . kind of like I’m doing here.

  34. Jen

    Happy blogiversary! I’m a knitter/artist/spinner, and I blog to keep track of my various projects as well as to show them off to my friends. I get good tips and appreciation of the effort that goes into yarny goods from my fellow crafters.

  35. Jani22

    my blog died 😦

    but now I love to share my projects through ravelry!

    I enjoyed writing my blog and sharing knitting and cross-stitch there especially when a group of us had a bi-weekly cross stitch meme going where we’d have a topic and we’d all cross-stitch something regarding the topic. When that meme ended I lost interest in blogging and then the service I was using took away the free blogs and I lost over five years of blog 😦 silly me didn’t back-up so I was depressed and never started again 😦

    I love reading crafting blogs and learning from others so that was (and continues to be) my motivation – hopefully through my comments on patterns at Ravelry I can prevent others from making the mistakes I made 🙂

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