WIP’s and a Confession

Here are my WIP’s for the week.  First we have my newly reformed Ruffles Shrug in Serendipity Tweed from my Flair project.  I’m currently on the ribbed collar as this a top down raglan styled shrug.

Next is my youngest daughter’s Basic Toe-up socks using Cascade Cloud 9 in Red.  As you can see I’m making good progress on these using the ML (magic loop) method and my trusty Addi Turbo circs.  I cast these on 3/19 and hope to be done no later than Weds.  If only I was a faster knitter.

Here’s a new take on Oatmeal Cookies.  I call it my Oatmeal Cranberry Orange Bar w/Orange glaze.  I added orange flavored cranberries to the mix with some orange zest and it turned out pretty good.  Added the orange glaze and OMG sinfully rich now add a scoop of Vanilla Ice cream and OOOOPS there it is a nice twist to the average cookie recipe.  The girls and I loved it.

Now on to the confession.  I have been working on a quilt for the past year and I will through pictures let you take the journey and then I’ll give the present status of this project.



Photo 1.  Black backgroud to make the T-shirts pop.   2.  Switch to Red and pink backgroud per request of recipient.  3.  Trying to place the t-shirts so that the quilt is appealing  4. Ripped all that out and started from scratch and it’s working better.

Current status.  I tried to machine quilt this and even with my walking foot it was not going well.  So now I’m hand quilting this project and it’s long and tedious work but I see the light at the end of the tunnel and I know the recipient can’t wait to get it.  Now I do have to say in making quilts and have things not work while someone is expecting it puts the creative process in a totally different place.    I finally shared these truths of the Year Long Quilt as a way of making myself take the time to complete it and ship it off.  There have been some times of frustration and then some times of joy while working on this but the biggest thing I have come away with as I near the end of this quilt is that you can’t take things to seriously and to expect the unexpected.

I hope that you will take time to revisit and come to terms with some of the frustrations of creating a piece of work.  Rather it be knitting, sewing, quilting or whatever your crafting media is it’s a learning process and at the end you have grown in knowledge, gained a new perspective and will know what you can or can’t venture into.  It’s all a part of finding your niche.  Until Friday, I hope you all have a great week and as always Be blessed, be positive, be truthful, be joyful, be at peace and be CREATIVE.


  1. By any chance are you part of the quilting knitters on Ravelry? i have no comment on your oatmeal thiga ma jig. I have no right!

  2. CT 4 Life! Wow. A fellow Technician Alum. Do you still live in Detroit? What year did you graduate?

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