FOF~Finish Object Friday and New beginnings

I’m back for my second installment of FOF and to share some new findings or better new direction. The one thing I was looking forward to sharing in this post was 3 tops that are various stages of completion but that maybe in next weeks gallery. I do however, have 2 crocheted and 1 knitted objects to share.

First on the list is a Cap that was being made for my youngest DD from Afya Ibomu’s Get Your Crochet On! I’m fixated with Soldier and so is everyone around me so that’s what I’ve been making.

I had been making this cap for her and it was too big so I omitted the brim to have a different look. I like it and think you could embellish it with a flower in brown or white for some contrast.

Both of these caps where crocheted using Red Hearts Multi in brown, tan and white on size H hook for the body and top of hat and size G hook for the brim. One skien in 141g 244 yds can make 2 caps.

My next offering to my FO pile is my 5th pair of socks using the ML method of knitting socks. I used Cascade Cloud 9 yarn in Pink on size 2 Addi Turbo circs. The pattern is Cat Bordhi’s basic sock pattern. I love this method and look forward to meeting my goal of 12 pairs of socks by years end.

There are just a few things I need to tell you about new beginnings. In each day we have a rare opportunity to start anew and I’ve always been a crafter with that view. It’s not always the method but the course that makes the difference in the end. Have you learned something new? Did you take the time to really look and appreciate the art in your creation or does it have to look exactly like the pattern pic? I love the little quirks that are uniquely mine and keeps me grounded that God is perfect and I have yet to achieve perfection but I’m perfect in the scheme of who he made me to be with all the gifts and wonders that are now in my life. I brought this up to ask you to look at your approach to your crafts and although we want to be and do our best we are human and mistakes are allowed. Don’t beat yourself down because something doesn’t work for you just take another look at it, reevaluate your approach and keep at it or start anew. I shared this with you because I had this experience this week. I started Flair for the Ravelry group EbonyElite Sister Friends and as time went on I got frustrated with it for the lack of understanding in my mind’s eye. I let it sit for a week and begin to look for answers to the things that puzzled me. I found the answer and the light bulb went off but I just wasn’t excited about the pattern choice. The next day I was going through my paper pile and came across some old magazines and found a pattern more to what I had wanted to knit during our KAL and gingerly set about froggin’ Flair and casting on KnitSimple’s Ruffled Shrug from Holiday ’07. I’m a lot happier with the progress and because it fit what I had envisioned for a nice spring and summer cover up to go with some summer dresses. I have this Shrug on the needles along with a pair of Socks in the Cascade Cloud 9 in red for my youngest DD. Will show progress pics on Wednesday.

Have a safe and Happy Easter weekend

Be Blessed, Be positive, be truthful, be joyful, be at peace and be CREATIVE


  1. I love that hat pattern! I just wish it was availale for free on-line, LOL. Your daughter looks great in hers.
    Your socks are beautiful, by the way. I haven’t yet made it in to the sock making knitting level, but I’m gettin there. The pink color is perfect for spring!

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