All Things Crafty in one Post

Today we’re going to take a look at all of my crafts in one way or the other.  There’s some FO’s, UFO’s, projects in the works, some still in the planning stage and others still up-in-the-air.  Thanks to one of the groups on I have been working really hard to complete my work.  As we all know, it feels great to plan, start, finish and share your wears.  This is my vision for the year.  I have so much fabric, yarn, UFO’s and patterns of all crafts, sewing, knitting, quilting, and crochet.

First, I’ll share my new patterns and fabric I purchased at JoAnn Fabrics.  They are running a Pattern sale on Vogue and McCall patterns today through Sunday.  This is a Vogue dress pattern that I will use my brown & pink fabric that I posted about back in December.

       I have always wanted to make a coat for myself and I found this pattern today and there are so many variations that I can make.

   I’ll call this one my little sexy top.  I love free flowing clothing for the spring and summer and I think I have just the fabric for it.

  I have a blouse similar to this one and I think it can add nice touch for spring and summer

    This is a wardrobe builder and a good way to learn certain techniques.  I’m just hoping I can get the sleeves set in correctly.

   I got this at JoAnn’s and I’m thinking it’s going to make a nice blouse from a pattern I saw in the Burda Plus fashions magazine in Summer ’07.  I will have to post the pattern number later when I pull the magazine out to pull the patterns out.

Now it’s on to Crochet.  Yes, I know, there hasn’t been much to see from me about crochet but I decided that I would love to finally make some of the items from Afya Ibomu’s Get Your Crochet On!

I have something to say about acrylic yarns.  First, I thought that these fibers (acrylics) were the greatest thing since sliced bread but then I began to knit and a whole new world opened up for me.  I thought that I wasn’t a yarn snob but being away from acrylics and fun fur puts a different perspective on what you want to work with.  Don’t get me wrong I still buy some acrylics but they have to be ultra soft or I don’t want to work with them.  With all of that said,  this project was really quick which is something I love about crochet that I don’t really like about knitting.  Crochet gives you almost instant gratification and if I could knit as fast as I crochet I would have so many FO’s instead of the 6 or 7 that are currently lurking in different areas of my bedroom.  Now on to the next desire of my crafting mojoe.  I want to learn to knit colorwork or intarsia this year as I love the finished projects this isn’t something that I plan to delve into right now but it’s definitely in the works for sometime this spring after a few other projects are done.  So to help prepare for that I found this little gadget to assist me in keeping my yarns in order.  Frustration is something that is a part of learning any new technique but now twisted yarn won’t be part of that.

       This fits on your forefinger and you strand the yarns through so that there’s more support and no tangled up yarn mess.  It actually holds 3 strand of yarn.

     I will be using this yarn that I ordered from Patternworks to make Flair for a KAL on Ravelry with the Ebony Elite Knitting group.  I’m looking forward to really getting this done to go with some cute little items I’ll be making for this spring and summer’s wardrobe.

Well,  I’m going to leave you for now but will be back in a few days.

Be blessed, be positive, be truthful, be joyful, be at peace, and be creative


  1. Wow, I like all of the patterns, especially the dress and coat though. You did a wonderful job on your hat. I plan on getting back into crocheting things, I could use a bit of that ‘instant gratification’ myself. As for the intarsia knitting, I’ve considered this too. I think I’ll run out this weekend and get one of those finger-thingies myself.

  2. Love the patterns you picked out!

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