Times are Changing……..Reflections and Appreciation

Today I had my first Mammogram. For some this may not be monumental but for a person who’s lost more than half my family members over the past 7 years and mostly all to some type of cancer this was a bit unnerving. So much so, until I was just sick as the time for the appointment grew closer. I’m 40 yrs. old now and know that I have to be more proactive in my preventative healthcare. This includes CBC (complete blood count) workup, cholesterol screening, pap smear, hormone levels, colonoscopy and the Mammogram yearly and not overlooking things no matter how small or trivial they may appear at first discovery. There maybe those of you out there that are putting off yearly exams just because there’s always something going on with the family. I really had to stop, and regroup my priorities, after my aunt who was in her early 40’s passed from cancer last year. I know that she focused on those around her and by the time she stopped and noticed herself the cancer was already in stage 2 and although aggressive treatment was immediately started she still lost her battle. Throughout her treatment, she kept saying I knew something wasn’t right but I was so busy everything else kept me from taking the time to go to the Doctor.

Ladies, let’s be more attentive to ourselves just because we have a right to enjoy our lives in every stage. I’m a bit more reflective lately thinking of the women in my family and how hard they worked and for those that took care of my family with their talents of crafting;  have set me into deeper appreciation of the legacy they left behind and I want to do the same for my daughters and my five nieces. Now the biggest thing for me to do is commit a set time every month to get all my nieces who are ages 7, 4, two 2, and 1 yr. olds  together to start working with them to add the love of creating something with your hands.  To all of those wonderful ladies of the past thank you so much for the richness you brought into our family and I pray to have the ability to leave my mark on the next generation so that our love of creativeness isn’t lost.

My reflection of my health and loss of loved ones brings about an overwhelming appreciation and the realization that there’s a time for change. I will revisit this 3 more times this year to inform you of my progress to being the change that I want to see with my family.

Be blessed, be positive, be truthful, be joyful, be at peace, and be creative.


  1. This was very touching to read. I hope everything goes well with your checkups. My 1 year is coming up for one of those. Brain tumors run in my family, so I get a little nervous too, even over a little headache. :\

  2. I am so very moved by what you have written. I think that putting yourself last is so common among women that it seems natural. I think we can all learn to nurture others as well as our selves. I share a love for crafts with my grandmother. None of her children took after her so she is especially pleased that I enjoy many of the things that she does. I hope my children continue to appreciate what I make for them as they get older and someday join me in creating.

  3. What you’ve said is so important. I understand that if you don’t take care of yourself, you won’t be around long to take care of the ones you love. It can get very challenging sometimes though, especially when you’re like me and don’t have anyone committed to helping you on a regular basis. I’m 3 months behind on my pap (I have an appt this month), I know I need glasses, and I’m pretty sure there’s a cavity attacking one of my teeth. I can never accrue leave hours because they’re always used for the kids. My point is that it’s not just the women who need to know that we need taking care of.

    P.S. If you have nephews, teach them the crafts too!

  4. This was a very moving post. I’ll be keeping you in my thoughts and following with you as you go through your appointments. Best wishes to you.

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