Finished projects and UFO’s

I would like to present another finished project.  This is Butterick pattern 4643 View A

Option 1 Brim   This is Brim Option 1 and this is

    This is Brim option 2 and this is

Back viewThe Back view

I really like this pattern and used Black Corduroy fabric.  I’m still a newbie to using patterns but I really enjoyed the ease of following this one as it was very well illustrated.  I will be making this again soon but will be adding some form of embellishment. 

My second finished project a scarf for the EbonyElite Sistah Friends group on Ravelry and I can’t display it just yet but I will post it here after the first week in Feb. to insure the reciepent has had a chance to open the box of goodies.  This was really fun and it brought about something new for me that I’ve yet to experience in my knitting and it is planning and execution of my projects.  I have never really knitted on a specific time frame and this got me to thinking that setting a time frame and sticking to it is likely to produce more FO’s in 2008 than what I did for 2007.   This also brings me to an UFO that has been on the needles for the past ohhhhh maybe 6 months now and it’s my Green Gable.  Since that was cast-on I have made the following items: 2 baby quilts, 1 skirt, 1 girls dress, 2 pair of footies, 1 hat, 2 Calorimetry head warmers, 3 I-pod cozies, 2 scarves, and a Queen size quilt in the quilting stage.  Now I realize when looking back at all of this my Green Gable could have been bound off and happily galavanting around recieving raved reviews but it’s been patiently waiting by the bed for all this time and it now gets my full…..well no, it can’t get my full attention because I also signed up to knit a pair of socks each month in the 2008 Sock Log  on Ravelry and have yet to cast them on.  So I just don’t know when this poor sweater will ever get off the needles. 


  1. Thanks for your visit! Wow, your sewing skills are great! I do not possess that skill…..keep up the great work.

  2. phro5gg

    The hat turned out great! Makes me want to dig out my sewing machine again. Keep up the good work.

  3. Wow, it is rare that you see people sewing hats. I love yours you did a great job!!

  4. i like 2. i have got to learn to sew clothes!

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