Sewing, some Knitting,and a long Pause

I would like to say that my 2 hour skirt is now complete here are some pics and then I’ll share what I thought about the process.

Front View of 4881     This is the front view

  This is the Back view.

 This is Simplicity Pattern 4881 I did view D.  I had been saying view F but that included a ruffle on the 2 front seams and that’s just not me.  I was really worried about this coming out right and hence a pretty simple skirt turned into a trial for me.  I say a trial because this is the first time I’ve sewn for myself and have yet to discover my “pattern size” to make the correct choices for myself.  I choose this pattern because I liked the idea of using a lightweight wool to make a skirt that would show off the drape of the fabric and be good for winter wear.    

What I learned from this project was:  

  • having 8 pieces that made the skirt too big for me and I wasn’t sure how to make the proper adjustments and still get the right fit.  So I downsized to 6 pieces.
  •  You should take the time to make a muslin when you’re unsure of a pattern and it’s components. To insure a proper end result.
  • Patients is the best teacher and rushing a project is just a plain waste of time.  I’m glad that I took the time to read and re-read the pattern and some of the resource material that was on hand.

What I will do differently next time.  I will pick a project that is a little easier so that I can get the hang of sewing for my figure and learn more about adding adjustments to patterns for my body type.  Will I sew this skirt again…….Yes, I will and it will be one of my favorites I think so far but I will definitely use another fabric type. something more flowing and if I do use wool or linen I will do a zipper and waistband style for a more tailored finish. 

In knitting, I’m at a point where there are 3 projects on my needles right now.  I still haven’t made any progress on my Green Gable since finally getting my waist together so it’s just sitting by waiting.  My scarf that was going to be a Christmas present is still on the needles and may be ripped out and made into something else that decision is still in the air. Then there’s the Secret Project that’s such a secret this is the first I’ve spoken about it on my blog is coming along very nicely and I can’t wait to post pics and talk about the pattern I’m using.  It is turning into a pattern I will be using alot for many different things especially some socks as soon as I figure out how to adapt a stitch pattern into garment.  There’s so much to learn. 

 Well, this week I decided to add another class to my 12 credit hours I’m already taking to change my completion date to September ’08 instead of December.  This was a big decision but I had to look at the money issue and I will soon need to have a full-time job instead of just working part-time.  I’ve been very fortunate to have a little cushion and all but with a Senior in high school and all the activities that come along with that and impending college there’s just some extras I’d like to be ready for.  With all that said I’ll be lurking here and there but knitting will still be going on since it’s portable and I’m not sure about my sewing but I have made a vow to allow at least 4 hours per week to it so we’ll see what happens. 

 Thanks for stopping by.



  1. I’m happy it worked out for you
    making a muslin does ensure that when you make you garment it is exactly how you want it to be indeed
    you will get lots of years out of this skirt

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