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This quilt is being created for a loving couple who was blessed to finally welcome a new additon to their family.  I’m branching out from my regular quilting style to make this one “on point”  I think that’s the correct term.  We’ll see how it comes out.  I noticed last night that my N is upside down so I’ll be fixing that today. 


T-shirt quiltThis is the T-shirt quilt I’ve been working on since May and it has been challenging but rewarding all at the same time.  I really want the customer to like it and I think we’re finally at a point where I have the okay to quilt.  The thing I discovered on Sunday evening is that I can’t get this to fit in my machine for machine quilting so this will be done by hand but I like that and haven’t done that in a long time so it will be good.  If there are any pointers out there please feel free to contact me.  I can use the help as this medium of working with t-shirts and sweatshirts especially are a bit more cumbersome than what I’m used to. 

I have finally learned to insert pics into my post using and I’m so happy as I know for myself that having pics inserted in your post draws more people to your blog and I love having people leave comments and advice.  I’m trying to have Nyla’s quilt completed within the next two weeks and hopefully that will work out the way I plan. 

Okay I’m off to get back to quilting and all the other crafts I have going on.  Hope everyone had a Blessed Thanksgiving and I’ll be chatting with you later. 


I didn’t want to go shopping during this holiday season but I was at JoAnn’s for the Veteran’s day sale and got my mailer in the mail and had to come back to get some lining fabric for my fabric I had already purchased and this is all of the wonderful things I found there.  

 Threads and Sew Simple magazines

I have a See & Sew skirt pattern for myself and a Burda Young pattern for my girls.  Patons SWS yarn it’s a new Soy Wool blend they have and the colors are really nice kinda puts you in the mind of Karaoke yarn.  Hem tape and quilting thread for my current quilt project and Cover Button Kit and Serger tweezers and threader.  

These are my linings that I needed for some skirts for the girls and myself. 

For those of you who don’t knit you may or may not know of Ravelry.  It’s a new online community for knitters, crocheters and fiber fanatics and it consumes your every spare moment.  I got my invite last month and have uploaded 47 yarn group pics of my stash, completed 4 projects and started several new ones.   Okay now that my fiber talk is out the way, we can focus on fabric. I did complete my latest baby quilt and the couple was really happy to recieve it.    

I have also decided to start garment sewing for myself so this will be my quilting and sewing page.  I have been looking at Erica B’s blog for around a year now and have always been a fan of her sewing and have found others through her blog and by searching for sewing podcasts.  One person I have come to enjoy following is Carolyn her sewing has inspired me to not give up my dream of sewing for myself.  As a plus size petite lady it’s hard to find clothing that fits well and suits that the back section doesn’t have that annoying bubble in the middle of the back.    I purchased some fabric for my SWAP  that stands for Sewing With a Purpose.  The concept behind that is to plan out your sewing that you end up with a coordinating wardrobe.   This idea appealed to me so much so that I began looking for some patterns and material that would work for some existing items already in my wardrobe and thinking of items I needed to add.    I purchased Simplicity patterns 4881 and 4877 both of which have 6 variations.

Okay, I’m back and I ran into a problem.  I was getting to the ribbing on my footies on the ML (magic loop) and realized that sock B was shorter in the heel than sock A so this morning I decided to remove sock B from the ML and put it on a circ. and knit it up to where sock A is.  I’m going to finish that and make my way back to the ribbing and then do a crochet bind-off. 

I haven’t knitted on the Green Gable this week due to Mid-term prep but after getting the sleeves on stitch holders I’ve been doing very well with it. 

 On the new project I’ve cast on my 2nd Calorimetry this time I’m using Lion’s Brand Wool-Ease in Oxford Grey for my Mother as one of her Christmas gifts.  I plan to knit a making scarf to finish the set. 

Time management hasn’t been my friend and so I find myself with many unfinished tasks at the end of the day.  For the past few months, I’ve been contemplating making a commitment to setting up a timeline for my days to incorporate those things that mean most to me and will allow me to get closer to fullfilling my personal goals.  So here we go….

Time Management Proclamation

  • I proclaim that I will respect my time and plan wisely
  • I will include time for myself to regroup and clear my head
  • I will plan small task as to not become overwhelmed and sabotage myself
  • I will continue to knit, sew, and quilt as this is a big part of my main goal
  • I will give myself time to goof off and not feel guilty as the plan is still working
  • Lastly I will incorporate someone I trust to keep me true to my commitment

With my proclamation in place I’m now off to make out my timeline for managing my days and evenings.  Please feel free to take the plunge with me it can only make things in your life less hectic and add a sense of purpose to each day. 

I’m proud to announce progress on both projects on the needles.  The 2 socks on Magic Loop are going well and last night I turned the heel on them and will be binding off tonight I hope.  My experience with this method was a little trying at first, but overall I’m very pleased with my determination to continue and what I kept thinking while knitting was this is going to make sock making more productive and my socks will be equal instead of one being a little off.  The question I’ll post on Ravelry is how do you bring your heel in if you do a partial heel flap going into your short row heel.  It always seems as though when I’m knitting socks Toe-up that I run into this situation. 


 The Green Gable is making progress and I was able to try it on the other night and I thought the top would not be right the pattern looks wonderful and after it gets down a little further I will finally take some pics with it on and post them here. 


 Ravelry has taken a back seat to MySpace because I was able to reunite with a few friends and that was nice.  Today I went to the book section to see if I could upload a few more of my books that I hadn’t been able to get on there before.  I love Ravelry so much as I find it has offered an evolution in my knitting organization and thought process towards pattern planning and yarn choices.  I’m still not buying any new yarn as I’m determine to make a dent in my stash (this goes for my fabric stash too). 

 Hope you’re making progress on your projects and I’ll be back to post soon. 

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