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I am getting the hang of Magic Loop knitting and it really makes for some quick progress.  I had my STR’s in the Walking on the Wilde Tide colorway on 2 circs and then when my Addi’s came I thought I’d give the Magic Loop method a try and I’m in love.  It started when I realized that my DD’s footie was too wide and since there’s lace and I wasn’t able to find out where to begin I had to jump in the frog pond and rip-it, rip-it all the way back down to the toe.  I decided that this would be a good place to began getting my feet wet in the ML technique.  Well needless to say my DD’s 2nd footie was completed in 3 days using this wonderful method.

 I’m still working on my Green Gable but last night started having 2nd thoughts on this project.  I know the reason is that I’m itching to cast on my next pr. of socks with the Magic Loop but I have some other projects that need my attention and I have to stay focused.  I feel like a kid with a new toy.  Right now the verdict is still out on what I’ll be doing or will pick up or finish will see what’s next but I will definitely keep knitting something. 

My next post will be my reviews of Septembers Podcast.  There are some really good knitting and sewing podcast out there and they are really informative.  Stay tuned.


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I hear such great things about being a part of Ravelry, that I can’t wait to be a part of this community of fiber lovers.  I am looking forward to being able to further organize my stash since doing so last year.  I have been contemplating staying on a yarn diet until I truly make a dent in my knitting stash.   

  I’m still working on the footies for my DD and my (Coral) Green Gable.  Next week will be the end of another quarter for me and I can really use the break; studying for finals and finishing projects can be a bit hectic when signing the mountain of paperwork that comes with a new school year.   I’m hoping to really get some knitting done during this time as I have been wanting to start my Christmas knitting without feeling rushed to complete so many projects the week before.  This is very admirable thinking but there’s always room for a change of plans.  I did manage to purchase Yarnplay and Accessories Options from Knitpicks  I also ordered some Addi’s that I think will feel more comfortable for me to get the Magic Loop technique the cost was really cheap.

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