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I finally decided to get on the Magic Loop craze and I purchased the 32″ needles from KnitPicks  and the book so I’ve finally figured it out last night and as soon as I complete my STR’s footies for my DD I will try my footies on the Magic Loop.  I also purchased Afya Ibomu’s  “Get your Crochet On!”  my oldest DD looked through it last night and decided on three patterns so I’ll be back into crochetting. 

I have to send a shout out to Erica B. for being interviewed on the Podcast Inspirational Wednesday   and also for making a splash in the local papers in Birmingham, AL.  If you don’t know who she is you need to check her out.  She’s a phenominal sewer and knitter and I love looking to see what she’s going to do next.  There are some very talented crafters all over and the WWW (world wide web) is great for allowing us to connect. 

I’m currently working on Green Gable for myself, my second footie for my DD and looking to start some pillow covers to convert my living decor.  I have posted my progress on the GG and the Footie on my Flickr  stream on the sidebar so have a peek and let me know what you think. 


I have discovered since my last post that it’s very informative listening to Podcasts.  There is the newest podcast from  Knit Picks  is really great and they give so much wonderful informative resources.  I have added about 10 podcast to my list and am loving listening to them while driving to work and school.  I will go into depth once I have had a chance to listen to all the newer podcasts. 

I made several purchases this week and you can see them on my Flickr roll on the sidebar.  It was getting difficult to ask someone to help with winding my sock yarns so I broke down and ordered a Swift from JoAnns and from Amazon I purchased an Escali scale as it has recieved the best rating from customers and I purchased “Get Your Crochet On!  Hip Hats & Cool Caps”  by Afya Ibomu who appeared on Uncommon Threads   with Allison Whitlock.  I was really impressed with Afya on the show and although I don’t really crochet as much since teaching myself to knit I really want to make some of these hats for myself and some of my friends and family.  

I love being able to create things and present them to people and I now need to knit for myself.  I’m a full-sized woman and trying to adapt patterns to fit me has kept me from creating garments for myself but I do have the book Big Girl Knits and will try some of those items for myself.     

I have started a Yahoo Group for Quilters called Soulful Quilters.  Please feel free to sign  up link  click, take a look and sign up and let’s take our talents and gifts and make a difference in our communities.

Whole cloth quilting

I got an urge to make a whole cloth quilt and embellish it with beads.  I’m hoping to sell this quilt at some point but the beading process is so much fun.  I have changed my mind about the T-shirt quilt’s layout and background.  So it’s back off to the quilting stash.  I’m looking for the right background fabric.  I have some pics of my whole cloth quilt on my Flickr sidebar.  Please let me know what you think. 

Well, my DD decided that she would like her socks to be footies so of course that meant froggin to that point and figuring out the right method for footies.  Her reasoning is so her and I would both get to enjoy the Walking on the Wild Tide yarn.    Yippeeee for me! I now feel sooooo very special that she thought of me.   

Ok now onto the thorn in my side.  For the past few weeks of class I’ve listen to some of my classmates comment on my method of organization.  I can’t help it if my priorities are different than theirs.  I had a terrible last quarter and I made a promise to myself that I would not have the same experience again.  I keep a student planner that encompasses all my assignments, research info, reminder of approaching mid-term and final projects isn’t that how most students maintain order in academia.  Well enough of that for now. 

Will show up in a few days to show off a completed footie and cast on to footie #2.   My next post will have some new items and blogs I’ve found over this past week.  Until then happy knitting.

I’ve been knitting away on my DD’s socks and they are coming along really well.  I’ve posted a few pics of my progress on my Flickr roll      I think this pattern was a lot of fun and she asked for certain changes in the pattern so you’ll see them when the sock is done.    

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