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I cast off my 2nd Monsoon sock Monday. I was intimidated by the pattern and varied to my own for this yarn. I have to say this is some of the most delicious yarn I’ve had the pleasure to fondle. WTG BMFA ladies you truly Rock.

Cast on: size 1’s for the sole and size 2 for heel and leg

Pattern: St st for sole, p3, k1 rib for top of foot and leg

Problem: the bind off and getting it to stretch over my big legs. Frogged a few times, re knit a few times and finally purchased a size F crochet hook and bound off to a pair of wearable sock.

Ovearll I love the knitting experience with this yarn and look forward to casting on my Wild Tide socks. I’m going to follow this pattern a little more as I’m a bit familar with the lace pattern.

Wild Tide Socks

Cast on last night to Big Brother 8 got to the lace work before I began yelling at the TV. So far I like this yarn and the colors are nice and I love sock knitting more than I would’ve ever imagined. My year end goal is to replace the plain janes in my sock drawer to works of art from my 2 hands. Wish me luck.


There’s actually some quilting going on here it’s just that I’ve so much other crafts going on that I’ve only been buying the material for the T-shirt quilt.  I have made up my mind that I will have this project done by the end of July.  That’s going to take some dedication on my part. 

 I’ve looked at some blogs to catch up on what’s been going on with everyone and there are some lovely quilts out there in blogland.   I have a speech to write for my speech class so I must run for now. 

I’ve been knitting and doing homework and then more knitting.  I have been working on my STR Monsoon socks.  I finished the 1st one and cast off and found the bind off to be too tight for me and have been trying to get the right size crochet hook to achieve the effect I desire.  I hate it so much that I don’t have any fellow knitter’s here in my hometown that I can get to.  I did cast on the second sock and have turned the heel and am meandering my way up my leg.  So I look forward to having a finished pair of socks by Tuesday.  I finally finished my Ms. Lady V tote and got it in the mail so check out my Flickr roll to see the finished pics. 

I get so busy with school that I forget some of my commitments to my crafting.  I have spent the better part of this afternoon going through my bookmarked blogs and finding out what everyone’s been up to.  I love all of the wonderful socks and lace shawls that are posted everywhere.  There are also some wonderful summer tanks some conservative and others just downright sexy.   

My youngest daughter and I have been looking for patterns to sew and knit to enhance our wardrobes and I really need to get on the ball as I have so much fabric and patterns and haven’t even cut anything out yet.  I remembered that I’ve been knitting from my stash   since taking on the challenge of not buying any yarn except sock yarn and since I had signed up to the Petals Collection and BMFA’s STR Clubs I’ve stayed true to my commitment.  The next thing I want to do is began my Christmas knitting for the family. 

Well I have a sock that’s calling my name and a bit more homework so that I continue to feel productive. 

Fab Weekend 7-13

Spent this weekend in Indianapolis and loved it!!!  Went to Texas Roadhouse and had a great time, the food was great and the servicer was fantastic.  I saw Rupert from Survivor.   I went downtown and did some sightseeing.  More shopping and a few new discoveries.   I found an accessories store in the Center City Mall that have some very lovely pieces for next to nothing. 

My final words on this weekend is it was fantastic and much needed.  Indianapolis you have a true fan. 

I have started my summer quarter already.   I see this will be another full load this quarter but I came away from spring quarter with a 3.0 GPA and that was fantastic for me. 

I took it for granted that others would have their Kits from BMFA’s for June.  Please approach my Flickr roll with caution as the newest colorway is posted.  With that being said I’m just overjoyed by the color but have decided to save it for the winter time to brighten a snowy day. 

I have made great progress on my 2nd Monsoon sock and will be turning the heel shortly.  I still need to find a picture tutourial for the EZ sewn bind off.  So if anyone knows of a good one, by all means please pass the info along. 

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