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Since ending my Spring quarter, I decided that everyday I would take time out and spend at least 30 mins. on something craft related.  That was last week and so far I’ve kept that promise to myself.  I even bought a new pattern for a tunic.  I’ll post the pics of the fabric and pattern later.  I also bought some fabric to make my oldest DD a skirt. 

My progress so far is 1 finished sock and the cast-on of the second Monsoon sock.  I didn’t use the pattern that came with the STR package as I just felt wimpy in getting out of my comfort zone.  I signed up for STR Club 2007  because I told myself that I needed to branch  out and learn new knitting techniques.  I did learn how to cable finally and even do a little bit of designing with some handbags I knitted for a few classmates. 

Reading other blogs and listening to podcasts are a way for me to infuse my creative juices with new life.  I have so many ideas that I now know need to be put into writings and drawings.  I hope that over the next few months I will have a variety of completed objects to showcase. 


It has been a long time since my last post.  I took a leap and switched my major last quarter and went form easy street to hard work.  Thank God I managed to hold my own. 

 I’ve begun a T-shirt quilt for a friend of mines and as a non-traditional quilter figuring out this layout is a little tricky for me but I think it’s coming together.  I will post pics in a few days after there’s a little more piecing done.

Since the end of this quarter I’ve been catching up on the quilting blogs and some other crafts I love and everyone’s been so productive and I’m lagging behind but as I sat knitting today it came to me that I need to get some quilt sketching done and pick out some patterns for some sewing and let my pinned up creative juices flow.    Stay tuned for more posting and new pics.

Hello all.  It has been a long time since my last post and this quarter wasn’t easy but with determination I did it.  I took time to catch up with what’s been going on in my knitting circles on the web and everyone is really moving and shaking.    Congrats are in order for Saun, known by all as Saunshine, she’s moving to NYC to began a career in fashion.  Good luck and you will definitely turn NYC on it’s head with your designs. 

 I finally finished my Karaoke cable Scarf and have made progress on my BMF STR’s Monsoon socks.  Please check out my Flickr tag to view these items.  I have been asked to knit an evening bag for one of the instructors at my college.  I love creating and I’m still working on getting some items ready for a trunk show that will show case some items of my quilting and knitting skills. 

I’m moving along with the plan to finish school and continue on to get a nursing degree as well.  In the mean time my crafting is what I really want to be doing so I’m trying to rearrange my time to include some sort of creative crafting daily just to help maintain my sanity. 

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