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The past two weeks have been filled with changes.  I changed my major from Computers to Medical,  I downsized my work hours from 48 to 32 hours per week.  I decided that it’s time to get serious and sell my quilts as they are my one craft that I’m very comfortable promoting.  I also came to the decision to downsized all of my belongings to only the things that are neccessary to make my future prosper.    Yeah that last one is a true major undertaking.    Hence the rival of the poor dormat shredder and trips to various charity drops to unload so many belongings.    This is just not for me but I’ve gotten my DD’s in on the act and it’s really helping to uplift the moral of our home.  Less is really more when it’s the things you treasure most. 

The only thing I miss is the countless hours to knit and quilt that I had last quarter because I hadn’t started working again.  I would really like to not have to work and just go to school and create but I have yet to raise a following of dedicated patrons but I’m praying for that day.   

My other change has been to vary from the BMFA’s STR Monsoon pattern and vary it to fit me as I wasn’t feeling the foot portion of the pattern.  I was a bit worried because I have flat feet that because of some ligament problems swell and I didn’t want to order any other needles right now as I only knit on size 1’s, 2’s and 3’s but I know I will have to invest in some at some point.  I fewed some other post regarding the STR Monsoon pattern and ran across a knitter who knitted her socks on size 1’s because she also has wide feet and I really liked the look so I decided to began my socks before the other pattern got here. 

This is all for now but be sure to check out my flickr stream to see my progress. 

 Happy Knitting


I recieved my package from Sewing with Nancy show and my package from Kaye Woods.  Both of these crafty ladies come on my local PBS channel on Saturday mornings and if I’m not able to watch I definitely make sure I DVR the shows. 

 I tried the Landscaping technique on my Lady Bug Ryan quilt last month and since the new job and the new school quarter have begun I haven’t had the time to use the View and Do Shape templates from Kaye Woods.  Please check my flickr stream for my newest photos.

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