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I’m branching Out

Yes, I’m cultivating my quilting talent and I thought it time I share it with you.  Please come and check me out and let me know what you think.  I can be found at   I look forward to hearing from you all soon. 


After much trail and tribulation, I finally have pics loaded to this site and can show some of my work.  I will be adding more as I’m currently working on a baby quilt for a shower gift.    I also have some of my earlier quilts that haven’t been finished yet.   I am looking for other quilters to share and bond with so please stop by and say hello.   

 Check out my Flickr sidebar and I promise to update as often as I can. 

Snow Day Knitting

Here in Ohio we’re having a Winter Storm and I’m enjoying a snow day of knitting.  I have been working on a new tote bag called Ms. Lady V (named after the recipient)  and since I’m new to pattern writing and such especially with a felted project it’s been a lot of trial and error with plenty of rippin’ going on.    I am using Cascade 220 in black and Karaoke in Fuchsia which are her favorite colors ever.    I am also working on my Karaoke Cable Scarf for the I Have a Dream KAL for my SF knitting group. 

 This is a great day for a good hot cup of coffee, my ipod to catch up on my knitting podcasts, and my knitting projects.  Yes, I’m a knitter who goes back and forth with my projects just to break the monotony of knitting st. stitch and counting with cable knitting. 

 I am also in the process of developing my quilting blog.  I felt that I should do this since my second passion is quilting and also to display my work.  The Ultimate Blog Party has become my platform to get this part of my craft life recognized.  I have signed up to donate a baby/toddler quilt as one of the gifts for the party.  I’m a little nervous as I feel is only natural because there are so many accomplished crafters out there but I know there’s room for all of us.  So check back for the link to my quilting blog that should have photos and stories to go with in a few weeks. 

My Quilt Story

My love of quilts came from my Grandmother.  When I was a girl she would allow me to play in her block collection and as time went on I was allowed to press her quilt chains.  I never made a quilt because I was always fascinated with yarns and wanting to crochet. 

25 years later I learned to cross-stitch.  My best friend was getting married and I found a cross-stitch wedding blessing pattern and began working that and halfway through I decided that it needed to be framed inside a quilt.  I called my Mother and told her that I was going to the local fabric store to buy a sewing machine and other quilting notions did she want to go with me.    After I got my machine home I watched a couple of episodes of Simply Quilts and the rest is history. 

 I’m in no way a pro but I do consider myself an unconventional quilter.  I make my own rules and I like what I like.  I think traditional quilts are really nice but I want to think and create out-the-box sort of speak.  Since I never thought I’d be blogging about my quilts I don’t have many pictures.  I should have some up of past projects in a couple of weeks so please be patient.   

Christmas Purse2nd Christmas PurseBeanies for my Brother for ChristmasThese pics show what I’ve been up to and what I’m currently working on.  Please look at my flickr roll on the sidebar of this blog to see the rest of my pictures.    I have more current projects like my Dream KAL project with my SF Knitting group.  The concept is to knit something you’ve been dreaming of doing to commerate Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.   my project is the Karaoke Cable Scarf from yeah my dream was to learn to cable.  I thought it would be so difficult to cable but this scarf is the perfect beginner’s project to get the concept of cables.    I’m already looking for my next cabling project.  I also plan to make a few more scarves for gifts. 

 I have also completed my first pair of toe-up socks and started on my second pair.  Yes, the second pair is for me they are on my Flickr sidebar.  Since Christmas I’ve made several pair and neither have been for me.  So, it’s time for a little selfishness.     December in review I’ve taken on felting and I really like the process except for the smell OMG!!    Felted yarn is another medium to create a garment and it makes ideas endless.    

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