My New World of Podcast

No,  I don’t have a podcast but I’ve found some that are relaxing to me and make my knitting time fly by.  Creative Mom .  Material Mama  and Unwound . 

 Creative Mom is easy going and has a soothing rhythm I like her content and the music is nice.  I love the intro into her podcast.  She allows her children to take part in the intro and they all sound soooooooo cute.  Listening to her talk about family and the creative process all the while being a Mom, Sister, Friend was really refreshing.  Have subcribed to this one for sure.

Material Mama- incorporates her love of sewing and other random things.  I enjoyed her random things.  There was a tutorial for which was really nice.  She made you feel comfortable coming into her world and learning about Flickr.  Thanks so much for that. 

Unwound-  She talks about all things fiber, which of course is a knitters wonderland.  In her first podcast 11/4/06 SWTC was featured and her comments on them were right on.  I love their fibers and it was so nice to hear her take on one of my favorites. 

 If you have an Ipod listening to podcasts are great to listen to and make you think about your craft while reflecting on what you can create.  Ladies, keep up the good work. 


  1. Thanks for the review – I’ll have to check those out. Unwound sounds especially good, but all three sound well worth a listen!!

  2. Thank you for the mention – how special to a part of a blog post! Especially in a positive light. I do hope you think of joining the Unwound conversation via voicemail or Odeo. Thanks for the support!

  3. I, too LOVE the Creative Mom Podcast. I’ve been listening since July and it has changed my life. Keep listening. Soon you’ll be doing more than knitting, and you will be yearning for time to be creative! It’s awesome that you listen to podcasts while you knit. What a wonderful way to feed your brain while you’re undwinding! 🙂

  4. Hey thanks for the compliment! How exciting to know someone is listening 🙂 I love the Creative Mom podcast too. I look forward to checking out Unwound as well.

    — Meg aka Nutmeg

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