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A Party is Coming

  Ladies and gents you’re invited to attend The Ultimate Blog Party.  This is an event to get to know other bloggers and and win prizes or give some away.  Check them out at


I recently started listening to knitting podcast and I really like them and they’re entertaining to listen to while doing housework.  Believe me it puts you in a really happy cleaning mood as you anticipate relaxing later with some knitting goodness. 

 Last week I talked about three podcast I recently discovered.  Earlier this week I discovered Lime N Violet.  They are two friends that get together and do a podcast that had me laughing out loud and wishing I could be there with them.    I have to admit I wasn’t really into podcast until I found the knitting section.  You can check these two ladies out on their blog at .

 Now on to knitting,  I’ve managed to complete my first toe-up sock(1 sock) and have cast on the second one and have gotten to the gusset increase in 2 days which with my busy schedule is really good.  I have also finished and gifted a black men’s beanie.  New on the needles is a black and fushcia  tote that will be felted.  It to is a gift and hopefully after this I will choose some yarn from my stash and begin something for me.  It could be anything as long as it’s for me. 

 So long for now I’m off to finish my accounting homework and study for a Comm. II quiz.  Until later happy knitting.

No,  I don’t have a podcast but I’ve found some that are relaxing to me and make my knitting time fly by.  Creative Mom .  Material Mama  and Unwound . 

 Creative Mom is easy going and has a soothing rhythm I like her content and the music is nice.  I love the intro into her podcast.  She allows her children to take part in the intro and they all sound soooooooo cute.  Listening to her talk about family and the creative process all the while being a Mom, Sister, Friend was really refreshing.  Have subcribed to this one for sure.

Material Mama- incorporates her love of sewing and other random things.  I enjoyed her random things.  There was a tutorial for which was really nice.  She made you feel comfortable coming into her world and learning about Flickr.  Thanks so much for that. 

Unwound-  She talks about all things fiber, which of course is a knitters wonderland.  In her first podcast 11/4/06 SWTC was featured and her comments on them were right on.  I love their fibers and it was so nice to hear her take on one of my favorites. 

 If you have an Ipod listening to podcasts are great to listen to and make you think about your craft while reflecting on what you can create.  Ladies, keep up the good work. 

This is a noble effort for all knitters.  I made up my mind to join this revolution of knitting from my stash which is currently overtaking every knook and cranny of my apartment.   If you would like to join us please go to  for rules and to grab a button. 

Just want to wish all of you wonderful knitters in blogland a Blessed New Year. 

I started my 3rd quarter of school and I can’t believe it’s going so fast.  I missed the last 2wks of school due to this dreaded Bronchitis that I can’t get rid of, but I’m so thankful that I worked ahead in my classes and came out with decent grades. 

I look back on ’06 and thank God for how much my family has been blessed and held together.  From the oldest member, who’s 109 yrs old to our newest edition 4 mos. old, we have had some hard times and have been blessed to come together and give God thanks and praise for all that’s been done in our lives. 

 For all of you who have so graciously stopped by and left a comment thanks so much.  To all of you that share your awesome talent God blessed you with something that can make a difference in the lives of others and it’s so wonderful how you share the gift.    I talk to others about your wonderful work so many times so that they may understand there’s always great work going on behind the scenes.   

My trusty little digital camera has said farewell so I’m shopping around for a new one and think I’m going to wait for my income tax comes to get the one I really want.  In the mean time I had such a hard time learning how to make a short row heel for my first toe-up sock and after 3 days and declaring defeat my youngest DD told me not to give up because that’s so unlike me.  So I went to bed knowing that I would give it one more try in the morning and I did and now I got it.  Needless to say, she wants to take the credit for telling me not to give up.  Oh well, that’s not going to happen.  I did all the work so therefore the credit belongs to me.     Well, I’ve got accounting homework to complete amongst Comm II and plenty of reading so I’m gone for now.    Will post pics sometime this weekend of the bags and other items I knitted before Christmas. 

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