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Farewell to a wonderful writer, mother, wife, and advocate.  You will be missed.  May God comfort the family. 


Happy Thanksgiving

My Thanksgiving was really nice.  I’m very thankful for our morning worship service and giving thanks to God for all that I have and am able to do. 

Our family meal was goooooooood.  My Dad “put his foot in that food”  do you hear me?!   I always knew my Dad was a good cook but all of us kids have been cooking for our family for the past 5 yrs. since my family has experience such great losses in our family over the last 6 yrs.   You know our way of showing them that we appreciate them and understand the need to lighten their load.    Thanks “Big Daddy”  for such a lovely, tasteful spread. 

Yes……I had to visit the infamous frog pond on the Columbine Peak socks.  It started looking like a sleeve instead of a sock.  For you savy knitters,  no………I didn’t do a swatch to check my gauge before I began this project.  

Other Monday Ramblings

This Monday is blah…… that’s how I’ve felt all weekend.  I think it was the chili I had at the resturant next to my school.  Although there’s a stomach virus going around in the area, you can just image the discomfort of the weekend.  (I’m sparing you the gorry details)    I did however, manage to do some knitting in between frequent visits to the powder room.     I’m working on another pair of Columbine Peak socks in Regia and they are coming along just fine.  I also have a purse on the needles for a fellow classmate.  I’m about half-way done with that and it feels good to say that as it was just cast-on Saturday.   

Let’s get the venting out of the way first.  I was asked to knit a sweater for the Dean at my community college and she asked if I would knit it for $5.00 below the catalog price.  She brought in the catalog and it’s listed for $39.00.  I’ve never knitted anything for commission before but I already feel de-valued.  This sweater is knitting in Bolce’ yarn and comes off the shoulders with a tapered waist.  For you experienced knitters who’ve sold your goods isn’t that price an insult to your ability and even more to your time?  Please reply. 

 Now on to the fun stuff.  I’m working on my second pair of socks.  I’m trying some Lion Brand’s Wool-Ease in Chestnut Heather in Cat Bordhi’s Columbine Peak pattern.   I should have enough done in a day or so to post my progress.  I’m also working on Color Shift a scarf from Scarves-a Knitters Dozen.  Things are going well on the knitting front and I’m still visiting all the blogs from the Socktoberfest sign up and there are some very remarkable knitters out here creating wonderful gifts for our loved ones.

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