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They're done          My Socktoberfest socks complete

Here they are my first pair of socks knitted on 2 cirs. and I really enjoyed the experience.  I learned more about knitting socks with this method.  I would like to try a more complicated pattern with circulars and see how they do.  It just takes me a minute to evaluate the content of the pattern as a self-taught knitter I always see each pattern as another learning experience.    I’m proud that I actually finished the first sock and went right to completing the next not always something I do.  Yippee, hurray, alright, way-2-go!!!!!!


   All things Sock        In honor of Socktoberfest I just thought it would be fitting to show my sock stash as a way of paying homage to all things sock.  That includes the first pair I’ve ever done on 2 circular needles.    I don’t know what it is about knitting on 2 circulars but I’m coming to the conclusion that this yarn is being neglected and I’m in dyer need to knit.  Hope my excitment is contagious.   

When did you start making socks?  I made my first pair last year.

Did you teach yourself or were you taught by a friend or relative? or in a class   I taught myself

What was your first pair?  They were a basic knit sock in sst.

How have they held up over time?  They were destroyed in a flood last year. 

What would you have done differently?  I’m still learning so it’s all trial and error at this point.

What yarns have you particulary enjoyed?  Not sure yet.  I have a mixutre of Koigu, Bernat soc and Knitpics sock yarn

Do you crochet your socks?  or knit them on DPN’s, 2 circulars or using the Magic Loop method?  First pair was done on DPN’s and this pair on 2 circulars.  I’m enjoying the speed on the circs so they maybe my favorites. 

Which kind of heel do you prefer?(flap? or short row?)  no preference

How many pairs have you made?  just the one that got ruined.  The ones I’m working on now will be my official first finished socks.

socks on 2 circular needlesSocks on two circular needles are great.  The progress is so much faster.  I’m not a quick knitter but I feel so accomplished now with this method.  I ordered this book by Cat Bordhi entitled Socks Soar on Two Circular Needles.  I was a bit intimidated when I first got the book serveral months back but just wasn’t ready but in honor of the Socktoberfest I decided to be adventerous and try something new. 

I’m back in school and the load is more than my first quarter but the knitting must go on.  I’m currently working on the halfdome found on   for a few of my classmates that requested a winter hat.  I just wanted to take a moment a stay true to bloggn’.   I have been checking out my fellow knitters and these two blogs by Erica B and Saun are by far two of the most talented ladies I’ve come across in a long time.  Take time to check them out you will love their work.  Erica B.  and Saun .  You won’t be in any way disappointed with their style. 

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