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I finally made it onto the Knitting bloggers webring. I’ve been waiting for some time and I’m so excited. I’m on my way to taking the sleeves off on my DD’s BlueGable. It’s getting closer to start date for school and I’m excited and nervous all at the same time. It’s going to be great. I’ll be back with some pics soon as I’ve done some knitting and sewing over the past few days in between getting things organized with the kids and for school. So………..I’ll be back. Happy Knitting!!!!!!!!!!!!!


One Word MEME

Talented Phyllis Homepage 06.28.06 – 4:07 pm # This is for a One Word MEME. I’ve never done this so please feel free to leave a one word comment to describe me.

the skirt is blurry the detail is not clear sorry. I’ll take more

It’s been a while since my last post. Here are 2 items finished for my oldest DD. The Pink Gable is finally complete and there’s now a skirt to go with it. For me this is big. I started a project, frogged the whole thing, started it again and finished…..yes, accomplishment. I’m growing in my knitting. Thanks Zephyr Girls for the wonderful pattern and to all the ladies at Green Gable KAL for all the wonderful encouragement. Project #2 a skirt to go with the Pink Gable summer sweater. I sew the skirt tonight and it was really easy…….this is the first time I’ve ever used a store bought pattern to make an item. I normally take our measurements and go from there. I’ve already begun another GGable sweater and will give myself 2wks to finish. I’m 25% into already.

This is my Dad known by all as “BIG DADDY” as he would say the original.
Well……..the question is has there been any progress. The answer to that is YES!!!!!! I am half way to the finish line on my DD’s Pink Gable. I made my DAD an apron for Father’s Day since he’s been cooking all my life. He looks good in his apron…if I do say so myself. I took time out yesturday to try and make some sense out of my sewing and knitting and I must say I found yarn I forgot I even had. Needless to say, it was like Christmas in June. I plan to have the Pink Gable completed by Weds. and then I need to make me 2 skirts for school which begins in a few weeks. I told my 109yr. old Great Aunt and she thinks it’s great but told me that my talents to create things is where my money will come from. I believe that God gave her those words just for me as I’ve been praying for a way to make some extra money without having to get a job and go to school full-time. Please don’t get upset I know it’s done everyday but I’m looking towards my dream of crafting freedom. With that all said I’ll be back in a few days to post more pics.

this is the new pink gable
this is the one that had to be ripped to shreds…..isn’t good I can laugh at myself?
Ok, I just couldn’t in all good craftsmenship let this be my finished project. I was knitting in through the front which took my gable and twisted the bias…….HORRIBLE!!!!!! As you can tell from the pic it was too short, twisted to the right side and the chest area just wasn’t working…….so much for trying to increase w/o short rows. I started this over a few days ago and already there’s such a big difference I’m really proud to say this is my creation. With the right technique this project is going much faster. I also want to say that I made up my mind about what my major will be. I’m going to take business administration/computer application and the program is really good I will get my Associates degree in ’08 and they have it worked out with one of our larger universities that you go an extra 14 months and recieve your Bachelors degree HOW SWEET. Needless to say, I’m excited and nerveous all at one time but this is a great beginning.

The Wardrobe Refashion Pledge
I Phyllis ,
Pledge that I shall abstain from the purchase of “new” manufactured items of clothing, for the period of 2 / 4 / 6 months.
I Pledge that I shall refashion, renovate, recylcle pre-loved items for myself for the term of my contract.
I Pledge that I shall create and craft items of clothing for myself with my own hands in fabric, yarn or other medium for the term of my contract.
I Pledge that I will share the love and post a photo of my refashioned, renovoated, recylcled, crafted or created item of clothing on the Wardrobe Refashion blog, so that others may share the joy that thy thriftyness bring I thought this would be of great benefit to me as I need to get into my stash and make some use of it. I started a purse from a pair of jeans, which I’ll post the pictures next week. Keep and eye out as this will by far be one of my biggest adventures

My day has been crazy bad. First, my beloved Grandmother passed, my car stopped due to an electrical problem I’ve been having for a while but will never show up at the dealership, and then I finally got home and discovered I had a flat tire. The rest of this evening has to be better. I’m almost done with my DD’s Pink Gable so stay tuned for the pics. I’ll have my machines back tomorrow so I can make her skirt to go with it.

It’s been a very rough 2 days. My family was given the bad news that my Grandmother is in her final stage of cancer and they gave her 24hrs yesturday but thankfully she’s still here. I’ve been through this with my other Grandmother back in 2000 but you never get use to it. I haven’t picked up my 2 UFO’s so far but I’m going to try and finish my DD’s sweater tonight. I’ve been reading through blogs today to keep my mind off what’s going on. I’m asking for those who believe in prayer to remember me and my family that we will come together and add support to one another and honor the life and legacy of a strong, proud woman. I just needed to vent. Thanks to all you for listening. This moment won’t last forever……….even the happiest of us has our moments.

this is Casscade yarn and the pic doesn’t do the color justice.
this book was only 4.99 and has a lot of info and cute patterns
my youngest DD and I picked these out in hopes of using up my stash This pic is blurry….sorry but the material is blue and white/pink linen for skirts for my DDs to go with the GGable sweaters I’m knitting for them. I’m 3 1/2″ away from finishing the first one.
Yes, I did it again. I took my serger to the shop because my needle broke and the tip fell down and threw the timing off. It’ll be $90 to get fixed. My Rose machine is already in the shop getting a overhaul I get that done yearly so I have nothing to sew with right now. OH NO!!!!!!!!! While I was there I found this yarn and then at JoAnn’s I found the rest of these goodies. I’m getting ready to go to church but had to post.

Hello To My SP

Here are a few things I would love to have.
~ Sock Yarn in rich colors (want to do more sock Knitting)
~ I love the Body Shop my favorites are Mango and Nut body butter
~ I also love fabric not just quilting fabric
~ I love to read. a really gooooood book has taken me away from knitting for a day or two

That’s all I have for now just thought I’d post this to give you an idea of what I like. Can’t wait to find out who you are.

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