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Hello Ladies

I just wanted to say that my blog has a new look. Thanks Ms. Emm this girl really knows her stuff. I couldn’t be happier. Finally some sideline organization. I was hoping to post a pic of a FO but no~can~do right now. I’m a 3rd of the way done with my ggable KAL sweater and 3rd of the way to the toe of my 1st sock in the pair for my GF in Colorado. I’ve just been so busy with 3 of the 4 lil nieces and trying to get my mind made up for what I want to take for school. I really don’t want to have a 9-5 job anymore I want to be free to roam and create maybe I should have a degree in Art or maybe Interior Design. I’m still praying for direction. Stay tuned the adventures are still underway. I’ll post pics of some FO soon.


I went to Barnes & Nobles and bought Big Girl Knits and I’m so thrilled with just the pics I can’t wait to read all the wonderful tips and actually use a pattern. Thanks T. (your nudges are great) for telling me about this book. If your a big girl this is definitely a book you need in your resource library. I’m also a 3rd of the way to being done on my ggable KAL. Will post a pic in the next several days.

Hello All, I’m so excited about the evening I had. I was able to go to the Therapy Kafe for a little knitting with some very nice ladies. I have been trying to make it there for some time but my schedule never permitted me to. I will be stopping all activities on Tuesday to make it there. I always wanted to experience knitting with a group and they are even talking about taking a knitting trip. I’ve been busy taking care of my 2 lil nieces but aren’t they cute. I have made some progress figuring out the ggable chest for my daughter. Thanks Lindy and Tara. I’ve also been working on this ggable knit for a while and since I couldn’t get the chest right I had to frog it 3 times and now I still had an issue with getting the sweater to fit my DD in the shoulders and arms but the chest has posed a problem a few times. Look for a photo of the ggable in a few days. OK I can’t get my pics to upload right now.

OK……….. I have discovered I didn’t know how wonderful and fun their site is. This weekend has been a crazy one for me I’m still trying to unpack with a bad back so the process is at a snails pace. I also made a major decision this past week and that was to go ahead and quit my job taking a buyout for a nice amount and with tuition re-imbursement for 2yrs. so it’s off to school for me. The big question is what direction do I want to go in. I have a newfound love for crafting and my poetry all of which surfaced over the past few years. My heart is leading me to go with a business degree and writing on the side. I’m not sure just yet which way but I do know that having my own business to display my work. My work isn’t the norm but my skills need to be honed as everything I do is self-taught. I see things and pretty much go for it. I buy fabrics because they speak to me and the same with my yarn. I want to be a free spirited crafter who can spend my time concentrating on my projects and my girls. I feel I’m on my way to that now. I’ve been praying to get this together and I believe things will fall into place. I’m still working on my ggable for my DD and now that I made the corrections it’s coming along well. I think that’s enough for now just needed to get that off my chest.

I went on a shopping spree today at my LYS and this is my booty. Aren’t they lovely. I plan to make somethings for my 4 little nieces all 5 yrs. and under with another girl to arrive Aug. 28th I found some very wonderful yarns I can’t wait to work with and what made this so much better was the company. I was able to gleen a little more knowledge from Tara and Lindy and got a great deal on my purchase.

Today has been a day of webring experiments……ha ha ha. I’m not really computer savy but I’m doing all I can to learn how to get in the groove of being a true knitting blogger. I have been casting on and ripping out my green gable KAL since Friday. I finally got it last night and took a picture of it so I can post it on my blog. Let me know what you think of it. I wanted to get back to my socks for my gf in Colorado but I felt compelled to cast-on my Pink gable correctly and make some progress. I didn’t realize that I would want to keep going all day. It’s rainy here in OH and the only time I’ve been outside was to get my girls from band practice. I’ll get back to posting more often in a day or so. I found out Friday that my LYS is making changes and now they won’t be at the Market anymore but I can still get my stash replenished and I always have Patternworks to go to. Got to go Gabling.

Your Career Type: Artistic
You are expressive, original, and independent.Your talents lie in your artistic abilities: creative writing, drama, crafts, music, or art.
You would make an excellent:
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What’s” Your Ideal Career?

I went to my LYS and I’m coming along just fine. Yeah. It feels good to know that I figured out my mistake on my own and corrected it. That’s what knitting is all about. I know they say that all artist put a slight flaw in their creations to show originality and I feel like everything needs to be perfect but I’m learning that this is a learning process and I love the theraputic feel of knitting so I’ll just keep on knitting away. Happy Knitting

My Sock

I am working on my gf sock while waiting on my greengable yarns to arrive. I am having some issues with the gusset but I’m going to my LYS tomorrow for some help. I will knit more socks after this so I can stay familiar with the forming of the gusset. OH MY GOODNESS this is one of my knitting adventures. I also still have to complete my shawl and my scarf. I decided to include a pic of where I am on my sock so you all can see where I’m stuck.

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