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Red Poncho 4/4/06

I decided that I wanted to make me a knitted poncho and experiement with the eyelash yarn. I made this in 2 pieces and then sewed it toghether. It was a big hit at church and with my daughters who in turn asked me to make them one. Well that’s a project not started but I have to get on that ASAP. I have been away for a while because of the reconstruction on my apartment. We’ve been out of it everysince March 12th but I’ve tried to sneak in where I could to post to my site so I can keep myself motivated to do new projects.


Back to the Scarf

I had to get this yarn. One is called Moulin Rouge and it just feels so good next to your skin. I love yarns that feel good to me. I got the glitter yarn to make it look a little more exciting. I still haven’t finished this. I’m about 40% done it sitting on a stitch holder right now because I found a skein of recycled sari yarn and started making a hobo market bag. I hope to finish this within the next few weeks. Sometimes it’s so hard for me to stick to one project if I see something else that screams at me.

I began this project last year and just finished it in March after my apartment flooded I needed to have something to keep my mind off of the disaster the flood created. I wanted this to be done for her for Christmas to match the blue jean skirt I made her but I had a flare up with my carpal tunnel and couldn’t knit as much. I used some Red Heart fluffy yarn in varigated greens and added beads to the sweater and to the little purse I created to go along with it. I knitted the purse 7″ across and 9″ long and made a handle casting on 3 stitches. I made a little lining out of a scrap piece of fabric attached a snap and there you have. I’m quite proud of this project. It’s the first knitted handbag I’ve made.

I found these needles at Lindy’s shop and I had to have them especially after I saw that they were 5 dollars cheaper than ordering them from a catalog. They go from size 5 to 15 and the assembly of the needles to the cables are easy and sturdy. I have been very pleased so far with there preformance. I thought they would be so different from using my bamboo needles. I look forward to creating more items with these needles.

More Yarn 3/2/06

I couldn’t help myself my knitting friend Lindy owns Knittique a quaint little shop in our Market place in downtown Dayton, Oh. There are always new yarns I only see in my Creative Knitting and Vogue Knitting Magazines and just have to have them although it takes me a long time to get a new project going because I have so many others on needles. Aren’t these yarns pretty it’s like looking at candy almost. Yum Yum.

Tank Top 2/24/06

I wanted to try a tank for myself so I bought this pretty bronze mettalic yarn to go with a suit that I have. I’m about 25% into the project on this pic and now I’m working to finish the neckline and seams around the arms. Will post completed pic in a week or so.

I started a blog back in Feb. ’06 but I couldn’t post any thing new for the last week or so and I had to delete and start all over again. my old blog name was Knitgirl06 now it’s Knitgirll06. I’m trying to join a knitting ring. I had to come in and put in the dates of these projects and try to get things back in order. I hope to have a better experience with this blog than with my last one. I know that I probably won’t get into a knitting ring yet because of this set back but I’m not giving up hope.

Socks 2/18

here are the first pair of socks I knitted. I was inspired to make them from looking at other knitting blogs and everyone had so many nice socks with such vibrant colors and I just had to get that project started. I got stuck and found a local knit store owner who was willing to sit down with me and help me get my heel flap together and I was on my way.

my first project was a scarf……duh, like I would make anything else. I had learned to crochet several years ago and did alot of blankets and tried my had at some baby sweaters also. I eventually got online and looked up knitting instructions. It took me about 2wks. to figure out the diagram for casting on. I’m a visual person but I just couldn’t get that together for nothing. Needless to say I got it.

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